Thursday, April 28, 2022

Buttsmosis Blog Posting

Hey, a girl's gotta get her thoughts put into words somehow, right?

What, you thought dad did all our posts with his hands?

Saturday, April 23, 2022

Slumber Party of Three

Dad's recovering about as we expected, though he did seem to overdo it a bit yesterday, only his second full day back to work.  Thankfully he's got his own full-time nurse/mom/nutrition coach in mom to steer him and admonish when necessary.  

So anyway, dad was up early as usual one recent morning, and mom, who generally sleeps later than dad, shuffled out of the bedroom and plunked herself onto dad's lap the way I like to do (note- this was prior to dad's hernia surgery).  The two of them settled into each other silently, mumbling who-knows-what and eventually closing their eyes. 

Not one to be ignored, I wanted in on this party, so I tread gingerly as I do across the side table from my chair and onto the double laps snoring lightly in the rocker. 
Yeah, their PJ pants almost match.  How cute...

And there we three lazed away the early morning hours (okay, maybe it was more like a few minutes or maybe a half hour or so. Whatever) blissfully, not a care in the world . . .

Saturday, April 16, 2022

Puzzled, Puzzled and Puzzled Some More


Mom and dad recently finished a unique jigsaw puzzle, one made up of the tiniest pieces any of us had ever seen. 

Sure, it was fun, but the size of the pieces made its completion extra difficult. 

The next- and most recent one- was, you guessed it, another feline-themed puzzle.  This time I got to help out.  From the sidelines, sort of. 

At least they let me get up on a chair to watch.  Last, we're puzzled by something that recently took place.  Up until this past week, dad's done the lawn care around the property where we live, and the surgery on his, umm, intestinal underpinnings 
the other day (which, they say, went well and has dad in mild distress, shuffling aimlessly around the house and generally just being in the way) meant he had to hire out for the mowing this past week.  Suffice it to say that on looking out the front door over my sunning steps he was bewildered and saddened to see that the hired groundskeepers had, for who knows what reason, obliterated my beloved bushy catnip (see previous post). 
Yeah, that's the same plant as in my previous post!

Yep, took it right down to the ground.

  And it wasn't like they thought they were being thorough as they left multiple weeds nearby untouched. "Idiots", he howled (I cleaned that one up a bit), then continued to rant and spew things I can't repeat here.  Mom and I figured, if we just ignored him long
enough, he'd eventually let it go and shut up.

Tuesday, April 12, 2022


 On mom's behalf I thank you all for your thoughtful birthday wishes and kind words.  She and dad had a nice relaxing weekend that, as usual, went way too fast. 

We had some exquisite weather this past weekend, and it gave me a chance to lounge out on the front steps in the sun. 

Dad took down his lattice enclosure some time ago, but they let me out now and then and just keep an eye on me so I don't take off or get snatched up by a bear or a Sasquatch or anything. 

As I said, the sun was shining, the air was warm and the little catnip plant they bought last year, which dad kind of on a whim planted by the steps, was the icing on the cake, so to speak. I don't really go for eating the stuff, though I do take a nibble now and then. 

Mostly, I just rub my head in it, roll around a bit, then go to sleep. 

We had to throw in this last shot to show what the weather was like here just a day before dad snapped my 'nip photos. 

Snow had been spitting off & on all day, but at one point sleet was raining down like little bullets, bouncing off the stones and coating everything white.  Crazy, I know.

Friday, April 8, 2022

Senior Box Cat/Birthday Wishes

 I know we've shown you pix of me in boxes several times over the years, but, well, this is my blog, and I'm gonna show you more.  So, yeah.

 The smaller box with the string through it is dad's attempt at a homemade "toy" for me.  Poor guy- he tries. I guess the idea was to pull the string back and forth from both ends so the little ball attached to the middle of it would draw my attention.  Like I said, he tries.  He ended up putting my mat from Ellen the Tooth Fairy in the bigger box to make it a little comfier, which you can see in the last picture.

Damn Flash!

Resting in Preparation for Some Playtime

My idea of playtime.  Sometimes dad calls me lazy.  Sometimes I call him *******

Lordy, that was an intense workout

Mom's birthday is this weekend, and I know they've got more hiking in store and who knows what all else.  The other night dad whipped up a cookies 'n cream ice cream pie, one of mom's favorites, so I know that'll be getting demolished smartly portioned out. 💖Happy Birthday to the best mom a cranky, moody, only-show-love-when-she-wants-something, life on her terms Tortie could ever ask for!🎈🎂🎈

Monday, April 4, 2022

Speaking of Mountains-

 As is typically their routine, the happy wanderers went hiking this past weekend.  They decided on a moderate four+ mile loop up to the WLOS antenna tower atop Mount Pisgah nearby. 

The tower at the peak- their destination

Always up for a glorious trek anywhere along the Blue Ridge Parkway and through the amazing tunnels that cut through the mountains, they packed up their bagel & egg sandwiches and caffeine beverages of choice (along with water and healthy snacks, of course) early Saturday morning and left me to sleep the morning away. 
WLOS Antenna Tower

The trail ran alongside the Parkway for a bit before veering off and up to the antenna,
Mom's expression says it all....

and the last stretch before reaching the tower was quite the rocky stair-stepping workout. 
One of dad's favorite views. And the rock trail is cool, too....

They like heading out early to beat the crowds, and this hike was no exception as they had the place to themselves more or less for a short time before more hikers arrived at the peak. 
The hiking buddies and the tower, slightly artified

Now, there won't be any pictures, but speaking of mountains, dad's gotta go in for hernia surgery in a few weeks.  Yep, he recently noticed a, umm, bulge that comes and goes and ranges in size from a golf ball to a canned pear half just north and to the left of his (insert any one of 175 names he has for it here)
I guess he'll be laid up for a couple of days, but it's pretty routine from what I've heard them saying., and I'll likely get some extra lap time out of it.  He won't be able to do any heavy lifting at first, and as to be expected, I can already see his brain starting to form some jokes half-wit remarks about not being able to pick me up, which is just fine since I'm not much of one for being picked up or held anyway.  I'll always go for the extra lap time, but I'm sure he'll be itching to get back to work asap, plus mom will likely be ready to have him out of her hair before long, too.

Friday, April 1, 2022

Val's Visitor

So Val's owner has come home, and life has returned to normal 'round here.  Mom and dad had been warned that Val had an occasional "visitor", and were shown how to set the humane trap that was kept near Val's stall.  Every now and then, someone was getting into the large barrel Val's food was stored in, prying the strapped-down lid off and even knocking the barrel over in an attempt to get to Val's kibble. Well, wouldn't you know it- dad went over one morning to feed her and, on opening the barn door came face to face with this pink, frightened snarling snout. 

After resetting the trap, dad took the poor scared critter a few miles away and released him in the woods high up a mountain road.

The neighbor stopped by our house the day after she returned and told us the night before saw a large raccoon finding its way into the trap.