Saturday, August 24, 2019

Pictures Without Words- An Inside & Out Photo Essay

     The new place has an awesome deck about 6 times the size of our old place, allowing me a wide array of places to stretch out and soak up the sun.  There's even a handful of places to stretch out in glorious, glorious sunpuddles inside, something that was lacking in our previous apartment, and I don't think I've ever been as content as I've been since moving here.
     Of course, mom would add a comment about my being worse than a child in that I beg to go out, stay out briefly, then beg to come back in.  Over and over and over.  What can I say?  I just can't make up my mind.  Now that they're officially spoiled southerners they've been running the a/c daily, otherwise they'd just leave the sliders open for me.  Anyway, since there weren't supposed to be any words and we've already blown that here you go:

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Big Changes

     We've moved again.  I know, I know, we only just got to Leland in December and here we are moving again.  It's all good, though. Mom's probably gotten a few grays a little quicker than she ordinarily would but otherwise we're settling into our new digs.
     The move from Chapel Hill to Leland was, at the time a good one.  Dad got to stay with the same employer he was with for many years and we were able to live where he worked.  Things were good and we were settling into our routine, but then dad caught wind of an opportunity that was hard to pass up.
     Long story short, Blame Game Builders ( Corporate motto: "If there's a corner to cut, we've got the saw!") and their "It is what it is" philosophy were the impetus behind dad's decision to cut all ties and move on.  Long after the construction dust settles in a few months it would be dad's responsibility to maintain the finished product, which would surely take what's left of his hair and nudge him to an early grave (not to mention drive mom bananas with his incessant bitching).
     So anyway, a lot has happened in the past few weeks.  We're now actually in Wilmington, which means mom and dad are even closer to the beach.  We've found an apartment conveniently only a few minutes from dad's new job, and mom's been working real hard getting everything all settled.
     Since my last post dad's daughter sent us a silly new photo of Fifi.
         In between job changes dad spent a few days up in Minnesota playing with three of his grandkids.  They went fishing, spent an afternoon at an indoor water park, made a slip & slide on the back hill and spent lots of time playing and wearing dad out.  Dad took lots of pictures, but the one he and mom like the best is of dad's youngest grandson "helping" dad make breakfast one morning.
     Is that not a hoot?  The move wasn't too stressful for me, and mom and dad praised me for being so well behaved in between.  I spent the twenty minute trip in my carrier quietly reflecting on why dad cant just be happy once and for all and stay put.