Saturday, October 31, 2020

Lending a Helping... Foot?


Now, I know I've shown you photos of me helping dad with computer stuff before, but this time around it was mom who needed my assistance.  As you can see, my feet are pretty talented.  And no, mom's not choking me in this second photo.  I'm just enjoying a dose of chin scritches.

  Y'all try to have a safe Halloween weekend, even though it's an unusual one. 

Three more days. Paws crossed...

Saturday, October 24, 2020

Out and About

You can just make out the flagpole sticking up from Chimney Rock

Chimney Rock State Park is less than half an hour from us, and mom and dad took a drive out there last weekend.  They didn't actually go up into the park this time (they'd been there several years ago), and it was a gray, foggy and drizzly day, but they found Hickory Nut Gorge Brewery while wandering through the shops just below Chimney Rock. 

When they first arrived and planted their butts on a swing at the river's edge down on the backside of the brewery Chimney Rock was visible, but as the minutes passed the fog rolled in and dad only managed to get a few pictures like this.  You can find tons and tons of photos online that really show how cool Chimney Rock is.
The slowly disappearing knob of Chimney Rock on the left

While they were sitting there lazily swinging and enjoying their beer several groups of kayakers wound their way down the river, drawing whoops and cheers from the brewery patrons as they steered their kayaks through the rocks.  On the way to Chimney Rock you'll find Bat Cave- yes, there's a town called Bat Cave- and mom and dad pulled into the Bat Cave Apple House to fill a bag with a variety of one of their favorite crispy treats.  They have honey, jams and other stuff, but the apples are what mom and dad went for.  Even though it was a cool, crappy day they enjoyed getting out and exploring.

Friday, October 16, 2020

Whose New Chair?

Dad just turned 5900 years old, and he and mom went out and bought him a new chair so they can each have their own rocker-recliner and dad can stop whining about his back. 

On the one hand he has been sitting in a beach-style chair since we moved from Chapel Hill a while ago and got rid of that awesome double theater chair we had, but on the other hand he's always had one excuse or another for not getting a new one.

They got this new one that's nice and soft and kind of fluffy, and since the day it arrived I pretty much commandeered it, blessing it with bits of litter and fur and occasionally allowing dad to sit in it with me. 

Sure, I've always enjoyed mom's old Lazy Boy, but this one- I don't know- something about it says "It's all yours, Cleopatra".  When I see dad getting ready to sit in it I rush to it first.  If I'm already in it and dad tries to sit down I groan and grumble to try to scare him off, to no avail.

This one has something mom's chair doesn't, though, and I think it's my new most favorite spot ever.  When dad puts the foot rest up the space between the seat and foot rest is soft fabric where mom's has an empty space except for the metal brackets, and that make a perfect "nest" for me to curl up in, allowing dad full use of the seat AND me to fully enjoy the chair in my own little spot.
I've always slept with mom and dad, but since this thing arrived I've spent every single night in it.  I've overheard them crying about me not sleeping with them any more, but hey, they're the ones who got this damn chair.

Our new place has a big beautiful fireplace, and mom loves the colors in this photo of me.  Dad took the picture by the firelight with no flash, and it is kind of cool.

This is what dad faces after getting up for a coffee refill. Note the step stool they keep next to the chair for me.

Mom snuck this last one of me and dad "watching television".  

Friday, October 9, 2020

Where to Begin


     So yeah, the above picture was actually taken one morning near where we've moved to.  The mountains of Asheville, NC are stunning, and with the fall colors coming out they're about to be even more so.  Mom and dad can just about step outside the door and pick a place to get their hike on since we're literally surrounded by mountains.  

     It's been a busy couple of weeks, and I've done my best to help mom pack and get ready for the move. 

I had to help mom sort the straggler items, you know- all that last minute little stuff that almost always gets tossed together regardless of category.  I also had to help her select the most comfortable best tissue for wrapping stuff.

     We're trading neighbors as well.  Sure, the birds, squirrels and lizards have been pleasant company, but we're switching to something a little, well, more dangerous, shall we say?  Yep, dad managed to snap this shot right nearby. 

The focus is less than spectacular, but thankfully dad isn't as stupid as he can be sometimes and knows enough not to get too close.  He came upon a mom and her cubs about 50 feet away (says he), got goose bumps the size of peas, took some pictures and headed home to change his pants­čść.  Though he wasn't quick enough for photos he's also encountered wild turkeys and a fox right nearby.
     So we're kind of settled in now, dad's loving his new job and mom's still plodding through all the annoying, stressful sh*t that goes along with moving (evil side eyes in dad's direction).  It's much cooler out this way, and sure, they'll miss being near the beach, but there's tons to see and do out here, and they can always take a long weekend or spend a couple of days back at the beach if the urge arises. 

So here we are now, on the other side of the move.  I'm loving the unpacked boxes before they get sliced up and recycled, and I'm able to relax and get back to my duty as official lap warmer.

Thursday, October 1, 2020

Ahh, First of the Morning Sunshine

leads to this...

which then leads to this.

Goodness gracious, I just love the sun!