Monday, September 30, 2013

Orbit's Indecision- A Nice Short Post After Dad's Lengthy Ice Cream Rant

Oooo, dad's sitting in the chair. A nice warm lap sounds good!
Get ready, dad.  Can't wait!  Lap nap, here I come...
Never mind!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Upper Class Arrogance

I'll try to keep this one short, since it's not necessarily from me and I don't find it of particular interest.  Nor does it have anything to do with felines, but since someone has held onto it this long I might as well let him get it off his chest once and for all.  I tried to tell him that this is not the forum for such blather, but he's bigger than I am, and he and mom have the final say around here, dammit.
     Mom and dad aren't perfect, but they try to live right most of the time.  They spent a recent Sunday out at Raven Rock State Park in Lillington, and late that afternoon, while passing through the little town of Coats on their way home they decided to stop for an easy dinner.  They'd hiked most of the day and were beat, and a Wendy's sign caught their attention.  
     After enjoying their salads and shared medium fries (they really are still trying to eat healthy) they shuffled their weary bones out the door and into the parking lot just as an elderly gentleman was shaking the wrappings from an ice cream cone out the driver's side window of his gleaming white Cadillac in the parking lot.  They both saw it at the same time, and as mom went scurrying after the trash that blew across the parking lot dad approached the Caddy and tapped at the now-closed driver's side window.  
     The 50- or 60-something-year-old occupant in the driver's seat turned his head, his three chins jiggling like jelly-filled hammocks, and let the electronic system roll his window down as he looked up at dad.
     "You dropped something," dad said.  "What, you expect others to pick up your shit?" he added, pointing to mom walking toward the car with the ice cream wrapper in her hand.  The slob mumbled something as he put the window back up, his only occupant- his wife, I assume, complete with a beehive 'do right out of a Kliban strip (see link at the bottom, or search "Whack Your Porcupine")- watching the whole exchange in silence.
     Mom threw the refuse in the trash on the way to their car and they headed out of the parking lot.  As they pulled out onto the main road and drove on past the parking lot they turned just in time to see Jabba The Hutt toss what must've been his wife's ice cream wrapper out his window as well, as if to say "How do you like THAT!".

Sunday, September 15, 2013

I Got Nothin' Today, So Here's Some Pictures

Just hangin' with dad

This is what I like to do when he gets home

You know, for a couple of old guys, my thick, luxurious coat is as soft and full as the day I was born compared to the glare coming off that thinning spot up there!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

A Me and Mom Moment

     Dad captured this picture of one of my trademark headbutts the other day while I was lounging on my (mom and dad's, really) bed.  Sometimes mom and dad will turn away when I want to give them a nudge on the noggin because of my occasionally goopy eyes, but since mom's been keeping them clean (which I hate, by the way!) she met me with a full-on headbutt.  
     Mom's been my primary groomer for a while now, and even though I get so annoyed when she wipes at my eyes, clips my talons and brushes my shimmering coat I think I'll keep her.