Sunday, January 23, 2022

Lunchtime Laplounger

Living onsite as we do here has always been one of dad's favorite job preferences.  The few minor negative aspects aside, one of the best things, besides the obvious minimal wear and tear on the car, is lunchtime. Typically, dad simply comes home every day to join me and mom for his midday refueling. 

Most times I'm busy napping, but before long I realize he's here and, after a good long stretch and a hearty yawn I'll leisurely stroll out to the kitchen and paw my way up the stool to head-butt mom's thigh, which tells them I want to be picked up to sit on dad's (usually) lap out of hope he'll share something love. 

I never get any of their human food (dad used to sneak me some until he discovered a whole undigested piece in my litterbox), but at least I get a comfy lap.

They often laugh at me as I watch dad's fork go back and forth between his plate and his gob.  This last one caught me in the midst of one of these hopeful back-and-forth sessions.

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

More on My New Best Friend

 Well that was effing crazy, huh?  I don't think I've heard winds that strong since we lived in Wilmington, where the threat of hurricane-force winds wasn't uncommon. Anyhoo, unbelievably, we never lost power, and dad says only a hundred thousand or so smallish branches littered the grounds around our place, so I guess we lucked out.  

So if you remember from a November post, mom introduced me to an electric blanket. 

Well, I've taken to that thing like mom takes to diet cola (actually, she's trying real hard to wean herself off that once and for all).  It spends most nights- especially lately- on top of the blankets on the bed, but mom also uses it when she's sitting in my chair in the living room. 

What more could an old girl ask for than a warm lap made extra warm by an electric blanket? 

Ever the NOT funny one, dad says this last one highlights my resting bitch annoyed face.  I call it my sick-of-the-dingleberry-with-a-camera face.

On a more somber note, we learned that poor Knish, from our previous post, disappeared some time ago.  Paws crossed she comes back home soon.

Thursday, January 13, 2022

All in the (Cat) Family

 Dad's oldest daughter's roost has, as you may remember, been ruled by Fifi, an adorable Calico.  Since her introductory post back in December of 2018, their household has expanded to include his daughter's partner and her two totally terrific tabbies.  So without further ado I hereby present to you Knish-

and a most marvelous mancat, Kugel-

We just had to add this extra one of Knish because it's so darn delightful.  She opens up her mouth like this whenever she gets head scritches.
And of course, it likely hasn't escaped you that both names are food-related.  How fitting for dad's extended family.  And now, without further further ado ado, me and dad gotta go eat breakfast . . .

Thursday, January 6, 2022

What's in a Name

If we remember correctly, one of my earliest posts was about the names dad had taken to calling me.  I don't want to rehash them as they were pretty insulting, but I thought I'd update things.  Dad's monikers for me have morphed into something a little softer, more gentle and loving, if you will.  Since I've known mom and dad I think I've heard their actual names mentioned exactly no times.  If I didn't know better, I'd say their names were Honey, Babe, Sweetie, Snookums (gag), Hon, Baby, Sweetums, Handsome Man, Sexy (please make it stop) Honey Pie (ew), Gorgeous, Princess (yep), Sweetz- I think I just threw up in my mouth a little, and I'm pretty sure I've even heard that word on the mug I got mom for Christmas (in jest, I'm sure).  Anyway, you get the picture.  So as I said, in his waning years dad's changed his tune and has kinder, gentler choices of nicknames for me now.  Sort of.  Sure, I get "Cleo" or "Cleopatra" now and then, and that's usually followed by an exclamation mark, and that's mostly by mom- sorry mom. A visitor to our home would think my name was: Girly Girl, Sweetie (yep, me and mom share that one), Gorgeous Girl, Sweetie Kitty, Mrs. Lady Cat, Girly Pants (not sure about that one since, well, I don't wear pants), Silly Girl and Miss Snotty Pants (again with the pants?).  I'm sure there are more, but you get the gist of it.  And for the record, dad hasn't entirely let up on the more disparaging ones, like Stinky Butt, Stinky Old Lady- not sure what's up with the "Stinky" theme since we lady cats never stink.  How 'bout y'all?  What dumbassed nicknames have your humans come up with?

Saturday, January 1, 2022

Routines part II



This one speaks for itself-

We hope y'all had a safe and fun New Year's Eve, and your New Year's Day is pleasant and relaxing.  As soon as me and dad are done with this post he and mom are heading out for an early New Year's Day hike over at Pisgah State Forest.  Here's hoping 2022 brings good things for all!