Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like...

Ahhh, winter's in the air.  the leaves have mostly fallen, my fur pretty much stays on my body, the blankets are coming out.  Mom's getting busy with her festive decorating and crafty gift ideas.  Mom loves the holidays, and looks forward to creating hand-made cards and gifts and stuff.  Dad can be a fuddy duddy sometimes, but with mom around it's hard not to get into the spirit of things.  Mom's just a little more... shall we say, enthusiastic about this kind of stuff.  I just like this time of the year because I know the heat will be on sometimes (down here it's not always necessary), although I do miss the open windows.  Here's that picture I told you one of dad's co-workers showed him the other day.  I'm going to find out if they have it in my size.  Maybe I'll get one for dad, too.

Okay, Go Ahead And Laugh

Alrighty then.  Here they are.  I hope you all enjoy a good laugh, because I feel kind of stupid.  Mom and dad ended up having to be satisfied with the photos they got, since I wouldn't sit still for them.  Plus dad's camera sucks. 

        My favorite is the top one.  Pretty much sums up my boredom and lack of enthusiasm with the whole process.  A lady dad works with showed him a picture of her cat wearing a "Bah Humbug" tee shirt.  Gotta get me one of those.                

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Who The Hell Came Up With "Black Friday"?

Well, Thanksgiving ended up pretty quiet, afterall.  Not long after my last post mom opened an email that, as it turns out, shouldn't have been opened, and the computer got sick and started acting funny, as if it had a mind of its own.  And now it'd dead, sort of.  They'd been talking about getting a new one anyway, so they decided to take advantage of something called "Black Friday". 
     Though they'd both heard of this before, neither mom nor dad had ever taken part in the madness, and when they went to the local Best Buy just after midnight they couldn't believe what they saw.  They said there had to be hundreds- maybe even a thousand or more- of people standing in a line that curled along the sidewalk and up around the side of the building!  Actually, half of the reason for going out was for what dad called "shits and giggles", just to see what the world has become. 
     After making their way out of the crowds they headed down to Target, and found the same thing.  You could hardly move inside the store.  Laughing and muttering in disbelief they then drove down the street to WalMart, where the parking lot was crammed worse than they'd ever seen it.  Inside, they passed cart after cart overflowing with flat screen tvs, gaming systems, computers, and all sorts of other loot.  Lines snaked up and down and all around and through the aisles on the way to the checkouts.  Way too many people in one place for mom and dad to tolerate, they left the store, awed, laughing, and shaking their heads.
     To make what dad has been known to make a very long story nice and short, they got this new computer yesterday afternoon, went grocery shopping in the oddly quiet grocery stores (they have to hit four stores when they go, to get the best possible deals these days!), got some wine, and settled in for a quiet, relaxing evening.  I made them get this thing up and running before the wine put them to sleep, so I could catch up on this stuff.
     They said it was nice to go away, and, just so you know (and aren't offended by no invites) I didn't throw a wild party, or trash the place.  I slept.  I knew I would.  You probably did, too.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sorry, No Creative Post Title Today...

Well, it's been kind of busy around here this week.  The second round of picture-taking didn't go too well, either, and mom and dad aren't too happy with the results.  I think they're going to try once more.  Not sure.  They're also getting ready to go away for an overnight stay somewhere a little further south (actually, it's mom who's doing all the getting ready).  Dad's been coming home from work a little grizzled lately, and he says he's looking forward to the time away.  It'll be a little different than a "normal" or "traditional" Thanksgiving (what the hell is "normal" anyway?!), but they seem to be looking forward to the escape.  I'll have the place to myself, and I might try to get in touch with the black and white guy I see out front now and then, or the cream-colored babe I see across the street.  Maybe they'll want to party.  Or maybe I'll just catch up on some sleep.  I'm gonna ask dad if he'll teach me how to use the remote. 

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Oh my God, I can't believe I'm actually sharing this!  They're still trying to get better shots, but this is one of dad carrying me around.  What he didn't notice was my subtle bird-flipping (see the middle claw?) 

     I must say- I feel quite dapper with the classy collar and bow tie.  The hat makes me feel like a f*@#ing elf, though!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Orbit Good, Hat Bad

     Okay, so the hat-fitting thing didn't go too well.  I don't like having things around my neck or on my head as it is, never mind a combination of the two (see below)!  Mom and dad took a sh*tload of pictures of me, but I refused to sit still for them. The ones I did sit still in look pretty ridiculous, and aren't card-worthy.  I'll get pictures on here, but only when one comes out good.  Which means you'll probably never see one.  Ever.  They'll probably have to use a stand-in, if they can find one.
     I think I'll sneak into their room tonight and stick that Santa hat on one of them and take THEIR picture.  Maybe I'll get creative with the hat placement, and don't even get me started on the silly-assed collar and bow tie they think I'm going to sport.  The more I think about it, the more I can't wait for tonight.  Now if I can only find where mom put that hat and collar...

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Dear mom and dad;

                                                                                              I'm sorry.
p.s.- No, this is not a retaliatory turd.  It happened before you made me try on the hat.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Just stuff

Oh dear.  Mom and dad went to Petco again today.  They went to get a stupid tiny Santa hat that they think I'm going to sit still in for a Christmas card photo (HA! to them!!).  They spent more time outside the store petting and talking to all the poor caged cats and dogs trying to find homes than they did inside.  They say they wish they could bring all of them home, but I know they don't mean that.  Do they? 
     After that, they had to go pick up my special food at the veterinarian place, and while mom was paying for my food dad found his way into the room behind the glass with the cages and played with a couple of cats housed in there.  I sure hope they're not planning to bring one home.  Ever.   

Friday, November 11, 2011

And Then There Was Smug

This was the first cat dad had on his own after moving out of the home he grew up in.  A daring young lad of 17 (about a hundred years ago), he forged a path north and west, settling into a tiny cottage down the hill from a quaint B+B where he'd gotten a job as a cook, and found Smug wandering around in the parking lot, all skinny and ratty looking.  The two of them bonded instantly, and Smug's coat grew in thick and lush and he put on a few pounds to help keep him warm up there in the chilly New England winter. As with me and Isaac (do you see a pattern here?) dad and Smug were like best friends, and Smug especially liked the treats dad brought home from the restaurant.  Dad tried to keep Smug inside, but he got out once, after living with dad for about a year, and never came back. 

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Just A Little More Isaac

Here are some other shots of Isaac in all his loving, comfy glory.  As you already know by the previous photos with me, Isaac loved to cuddle.  This one was taken with his son, Fluff Fluff, and it's one of dad's all-time favorites.

Boxes were also good places to nap, as is evident by this picture of Isaac with Samantha, A sweet girl that used to live with dad's family and Isaac.  Despite how it looks she was very comfortable.  She, too, has been gone for years now. 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Too Early

Quiet morning here.  Mom and dad woke up when there was still a 3 on the clock.  I think I woke dad up climbing on his legs.  He's kind of grizzled, and not too friendly right now, and his eyes are still asleep.  Mom's in their room trying to read herself back to sleep.  Could be a rough day around here...

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Isaac And Me

The big boy using me for a pillow
How's this for a sultry pose?!
      Captain Procrastinator finally got around to learning how to scan some old photos for my blog (actually, mom showed him a long time ago, but he says he forgot), so I finally get to share an intimate part of myself with you.

     As I mentioned in a previous post my best friend and "brother" Isaac and I were very close, and often slept together.  I know some cats are just... cats, but Isaac and I were like lovers.

      Okay, I'll admit that's kind of weird, but it was very innocent.  We simply liked to wrap ourselves together for the warmth, and could often be found this way.   As much as I like being an only cat, I sure do miss him!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Thanks... And Stuff

I want to take a moment on this dark, windy morning to say a big "Thank You" for all your very kind, positive comments on my peace post and pix (say THAT fast three times!).  I appreciate all of you, my new friends.  But now, I must return to my normal ways.

     "Don, da da don, da da don don don..." mom sang as she sprung (sprang? springed?) from the rocker.  Mom loves her rocker.  It was her dad's, God rest his gentle soul.  She finds great comfort in that chair.  Unfortunately for her, so do I, and we occasionally find ourselves in a standoff of sorts.  So last night she and dad were watching t.v., and she had to pee, and when a commercial came on (as they so f*#%ing often do) she jumped from the chair and sprinted for the scary room.  I just happened to be nearby (I was just walking around the living room, sniffing everything and poking around corners and shit, as if I'd just discovered stuff for the first time) and saw mom rise from the rocker, so I immediately lunged for it.
     Mom saw what I had in mind, so she turned around and raced back toward the chair, plopping into it just as I was about to jump up.  Ohh, was I pissed!  I just turned and walked away all cool and nonchalant, trying to do my best to make them think I didn't really want to sit there anyway.
     This happens often, this race for the rocker.  Sometimes I'm slow and sneaky, sometimes it goes like this.  They find it very funny.  I'm so glad I'm here for their entertainment. 
     Just so you're not all fooled into a false sense of dad's-such-a-sweet-guy-ness, the other night I was having one of my moments where I just lay in some random spot on the floor, usually turned away from mom and dad.  Apparently, dad thought it would be funny to kick off his slippers, one at a time, and they just happened to fly in my direction.  I don't think I've ever jumped so high, or heard dad laugh so hard. It scared the crap out of me, I'm not ashamed to admit, and mom came over, picked me up, and comforted me, tossing fierce, scolding words at dad.  She's right- for a handsome, manly (his words, not mom's) nice guy, he can be such an A-hole!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Our Peace

Not to go against the peace blog grain, but besides me these are a few things that bring a sense of peace to mom and dad.  The sun, the salt air, the water- whether smooth and glassy, or foamy and turbulent- all contribute to making it all worth it for them.     

For most of us there isn't enough time these days to truly enjoy what makes us happy, so make the most of it and take every opportunity you get to immerse yourself in whatever it is that gets you through the day.  Enough said.


Thursday, November 3, 2011

Go Get A Coffee- Kind Of A Long Dad-post

I know everyone likes to think their cat is the sweetest, cutest, most cuddly, etc., but I have to say- everyone should have a cat like orbit.  In these, his "golden" years he has turned so soft and mushy (though he still has his crusty moments), and provides my wife and I with more head butts, conversations, evil stares, and overall entertainment than we ever expected.  We can't even have a private moment together.  Orbit can be asleep in the living room, and in the time it takes for us to get under the covers at bedtime and open our books there he is, popping up onto the bed.  
     I know the head butt thing is getting old, but we'll never get tired of them.  Orbit's gotten to where he automatically walks up to my wife's face and goes right for her nose or forehead, sometimes two and three times.  Once he's received our approval in this way he turns and settles himself onto the comforter right between my wife's legs (don't say it!).  Occasionally, he'll come to me for the head butts and ignore his mom, which I find extremely amusing.  
     Just about every day, when I get home from work he jumps down from wherever he's been sleeping and walks up to me, his meows growing louder and louder.  He's learned that, by doing this in any situation he'll get the attention he feels entitled to.   We usually sit on the loveseat at the coffee table for our meals, and he's gotten into the habit of jumping up onto the loveseat before we actually get to it, and settling in just behind one or the other of us.  As soon as we finish eating he gets up and immediately gets onto our lap.  I know some people say cats can't be "trained", but he's gotten to be such a creature of habit.  
     I had given orbit up several years ago when I couldn't have him where I'd been living, and when I first got him back after that I was concerned that he and my wife wouldn't take to each other.  Boy, was I wrong!  They are inseparable.  She treats him like a child, which is a great comfort to me, and she's said she's never seen a cat quite like him.
     I know orbit won't be here forever, but we're going to make the remaining years of his life the best any cat could ever want.  He deserves at least that much.  He is, after all, the sweetest, cutest, most cuddly.......

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Dad's harmless.  Really.  Honest.  Wouldn't hurt a flea.  Don't judge a book by its cover.  It's only makeup.  It comes off.  I'm serious.  In case you're really scared, I'll post one of his many "nice" photos he's taken around Wilmington.

    See?  Isn't that pretty?

Trick Or Treat!

     Yesterday was Halloween, and mom and dad had a handful of visitors last night, mostly pint-sized, who came to our front door, mumbled "Trick or treat", then turned and left for the next door after trying to empty the bowl mom had filled so lovingly with little bundles of sweets neatly wrapped with orange and black ribbon.  Mom loves holidays, and really gets into the festiveness of the occasion.  She's even gotten dad (old fart that he is) into it.  Dad had a real shitty day at work, but mom, done up in her best attempt to look like my kind, couldn't help but nudge him, without pushing, into the spirit of things.
     They also carved jack-o-lanterns the other day, making a huge mess on the kitchen floor.  Again , if it wasn't for mom, old fuddy duddy probably wouldn't participate.  He used to, for the kids' sake, but they're all grown now.  Dad says sometimes it's like having a kid around again.  I think that's a compliment.  I'll know once mom reads this.
     Mom likes to greet the kids at the door, and she was pretty sure that at least a couple of the tiny visitors were repeat customers, having knocked on the door only half an hour or so earlier.  Things quieted down by eight or so, and they shut off the lights, brought in the pumpkins, and sat down to enjoy what was left of the candy.  Okay, maybe they left a few things. Mom made a pretty cute cat, but dad, in his attempt to imitate a jack-o-lantern, just plain scared me.  I'm thinking serial killer...