Thursday, June 24, 2021

Gotta Love Free Stuff

 Ever the thrifty humans, mom and dad recently acquired an older Weber propane grill dad found on Asheville's Freecycle website.  If you've never heard of it, is an awesome website where people can post things they wish to get rid of or items they're looking for.  Everything is free, and it keeps lots of stuff out of the landfills. 

The grill only needed a little cleaning, and dad hooked up a tank of propane, soaped up all the joints to check for gas leaks, and fired it up for the first time.  They grilled a nice juicy rib eye steak, an oddity 'round these parts, some potatoes and corn on the cob. And I know it'll be hard to believe, but I didn't get even a morsel.  Some bull about diet, kidneys, protein, etc.  I just think they wanted it all for themselves.

🎕Me and dad want to join others in sending healing purrs and well wishes across the ocean for Angels Eric and Flynn's mom and dad, Jackie and Ivor, in hopes that Jackie makes a quick recovery and gets to go home soon.🎕

Sunday, June 20, 2021

Dad's Turn

 You remember my Mother's Day photo with mom in the lounger?  Well now it's the real old fart's turn.  Happy Father's Day to the best dad a cranky, moody, 'tude Goddess (no, this is not about mom!) could ever ask for.  

This is dad with two of his most favorite things: a good book, and me.  The only most favorite things missing are mom, who's taking the picture, and a cold beer.  And his maple coffee.  And bacon.  And pizza.  And a nice slab of prime rib.  Did I mention a cold beer?  And a pile of nachos.  And sardines.  And a tub of Ben and Jerry's.  Oops, I forgot salt. And more mom.  And anything with chocolate.  Make that chocolate and peanut butter.  Maybe mom with beer, chocolate and peanut butter.

Any way, even though we all know dad can be a bumbling idiot often at times, mom says we girls wouldn't trade him for the world (betcha can't guess which one of us wrote this part).

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Mount Mitchell


That's mom

Mom and dad recently went for a "breakfast hike" up at Mount Mitchell State Park, a short distance from us.  Now, I placed the quotes up there because I'm not able to do the air quotes thing what with having paws and all, but I suspect mom may have had to entice dad to do this particular hike by adding food as part of the activity.

Actually, Cleo, you know damn well I love hiking just as much as mom and we wanted to head out early, forgoing breakfast at home so we could get a nice early start, so don't even-

Whatever.  Anyhoo, as you'll see from these pictures the trails they chose (of which there are about a bazillion) afforded some unbeatable vistas ( the ones with the surrounding mountains, not their faces).

Yep, mom again, awed by the surrounding mountains

You know, you're always more than welcome to come hiking with us, Cleo, so you might get to enjoy some tasty treats, too.

Yeah, no, I'll take a pass.  I get all the exercise I need climbing up into my chair.  As I was saying, mom and dad were rewarded with some fabulous views, and when they finished their hike they selected a nice secluded picnic table just off from the main parking area and grilled a breakfast of scrambled eggs, bagels and veggie skewers.

Dad wanted to include this last one because of the fly or bee or whatever it is he didn't realize he'd captured in the photo.  Kinda looks like a plane buzzing by, doesn't it? 

And just so I'm not left out of another post, here's an example of me doing what I do best when they go off gallivantin' like this.  

Thursday, June 10, 2021

With Gratitude

 Me and dad- Dad and me- whatever; anyway, we wanted to take this post to say how much we appreciate y'all visiting this here blog of ours.  Dad typically works on this thing with me only in the early morning hours for various reasons, and rarely even looks at it after work.  His head's full of other projects that he doesn't spend as much time on as he'd like, and his treasured reading time isn't quite what he'd like it to be. 

We don't always have or take the time to visit and comment on others' blogs as often as we'd sometimes like to, but that doesn't mean we don't enjoy reading them when we can.  Day-to-day stuff can get in the way and before you know it days and weeks go by.  I'm not saying we're any busier than anyone else.  Lord knows we've all got full plates. 

 We just wanted to let you know how much we always appreciate all your comments and taking the time to keep up with us.  As with everything else in life we rarely follow what everyone else does, and we mean no offense that we don't participate in any of the blog hops, challenges and stuff.  Like mom and dad say often, we pretty much beat to the drum of our own march, or drum to the march of our own beat, or however that stupid saying goes.  

Dad and Orbit started this blog almost ten years ago purely for their own entertainment, and I gladly and willingly (most of the time) carried on the tradition.  I guess this rambling discourse is just our way of saying thank you for reading our posts, and to let you know that we thoroughly enjoy reading all y'all's as often as we can.

One Grateful Tortie

Saturday, June 5, 2021

It's All About Food

 Mom's always saying things like "I swear, you two are so alike!" about me and dad when it comes to food.  I don't know what she's talking about.  She throws out words like "addicts" and "piggies" and whatnot.  Says that's all we think about.  Says sometimes she thinks we love food more than her. Dad and I both know she's the most important thing in this house to us, each for our own reasons.  She's just spouting gibberish if you ask me. 

I'm ordinarily not allowed on tables or countertops here, but I guess mom was zoning on the laptop and dad was so wrapped up in his dinner that neither of them noticed me on the table.

Mom swears that the only reason I ever want to sit with them, give them attention or show them lovin' is if there's food involved.  Whatever.

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Family Visit and Good Things from Up North

 Mom's sister came down from New Hampshire last week for a couple of days, and mom and dad showed her a few of their favorite local joys.  They hiked at Chimney Rock State Park, then made their way over to Pisgah National Forest for a few zips down Sliding Rock.  If you remember from an earlier post, dad's son was the only one to brave the cold water there in April, but mom and dad decided to take the plunge this time. 

Mom (in front) and her sis slip sliding away

Though the pool at the bottom was a bit nippy the air was warm, so it wasn't too bad.

 Mom and dad had planned a road trip up to New England in April of 2020, but as with many other folks found they had to scrap their travel plans at that time.  Ordinarily, during this visit north they'd grab a vat of maple syrup for dad, and mom's sister didn't disappoint when she lugged in from her car a gallon of syrup, a bag of maple flavored coffee and a sampling of local (to her) brews. 

The beer's for both mom and dad to enjoy, but the coffee and syrup are ALL his

Dad was like a child on Christmas morning, though mom and I aren't sure which of the treats he was salivating over the most.  

Their visit was brief but fun, and things returned to our normal quiet once they said their goodbyes and dad got back to work.  Me and mom are taking bets on how long the syrup will last.  Sure, it's a gallon, but you don't see how much dad uses.  Mom typically sets up dad's morning lifeblood maker so she measures out the coffee, but we're pretty sure that beer won't be taking up fridge space for very long.