Monday, July 15, 2024

What's a Girl to Do?

Ahem. 'scuse me? I'm waiting. Hello? Dad, are you in there? I'm getting mad. You won't like me when I'm mad.

 Am I in this thing alone? Hello? We've got some catching up to do. Dad? Anyone? These darn posts don't write themselves. Come on, mister. Gather up your brains and get a move on. I'm waaaaaaiiting... 

Thursday, July 4, 2024

A 2nd Anniversary Remembrance and 13th Blogoversary

Well, it's been just over two years now since our dear old Cleopatra crossed the bridge, and not a day goes by when we don't think of her. Her mom still has a hard time even looking at her pictures, so please accept my apology, Hon, when you read this post.

Just look at that sweet face

I can't believe how time flies, and we still- and always will- miss the old gal like crazy. While searching through countless photos, unable to single any out, it felt like some of them were taken only yesterday.
Mom's warm lap and an ice-cold beer from our time in Wilmington, NC

Orbit and I started this thing back in 2011, which seems like eons ago. I had no idea at that time how far we would take it, and even though there've been times when it was difficult to create posts, it's been a lot of fun. Orbit was pretty much like me: laid back, even-keeled (mostly), and just, like, "whatever" (frequently much to the mom's aggravation). More apologies, Sweetheart.

Orbit was a cuddler from the get-go

Orbit had been through countless life changes with me, and I'll be forever grateful that my better half (and mom to Angels Orbit & Cleopatra and of course, Smudge) fell in love with him way back when she and I first met.
Melts your heart, doesn't it?

Cleo, though somewhat crotchety, eventually warmed to us and had been learning to chill over the years. She grew on us like crazy, even with her occasionally anti-social ways, but she made sure we fell in love with her to no end.
Our sweet old girl on my lap

And now-
As usual, head turned away from us...

"Crotchety" has taken on a whole new meaning since Smudge became part of this family, and her duck/frog quack/croak of a meow makes her sound like a 98-year-old lifelong smoker.
So sweet, yet so cranky

Do we wish she'd show us a little more love? Sure, but we'll take her begging for attention and then walking away when we try to give it over, well, let me get back to you on that. 
One of the rare moments she actually looks at us😁

So anyway, frequent side-eye and completely ignoring us aside, Smudge is our sweet, occasionally loving, kinda bitchy & always annoyed senior housemate who we wouldn't trade for the world. No, really. What's not to love about this: 

 Safe Fourth of July greetings to all, though I know Smudge will be hiding in one of her usual spots once the noise starts. I'd say the rain we might get will erase that, but the sound of rain freaks her out as well. 

Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie... Alone Says I

Canine Cuteness  (I didn't write that!)

 Dad's just home from another brief mutt-sitting stint, and he's officially a butt munch in my book. Think you're funny, don't you, Mr. Big Head Muffin-Top Butt Wipe Dingle Ninny? Like it isn't bad enough that I have to share your attention!

This. Is. Not. Real.

Sorry Smudgie Wudgie, it's part of my job. You know I have to take care of them now and then. I was just having a little fun.

(in mocking, whiny tone) Sorry, Smudgie Wudgie, it's part of my job- Spare me. That's it. No more Lunapic for you. You're on my poop list now, you mumble-minded wiggle-chinned dingweed. 

Aww, lighten up. It's only a picture. Besides, you could say you improved it immensely, no?

I am so done. I want mom to take over. Mom! Mom?! MOM!!