Saturday, October 30, 2021

Sleepy Purrfection

Dad says he's drawing a blank for this post, so I told him to simply show me doing what I do best. 

He said he would if he had pictures he could caption with things like "annoyed", "old lady", "crotchety", "grumbly", "attitude" and whatnot, and I just gave him my best evil eye, turned away and, well, proceeded to do what I think I do best.

I mean, come on, what's not to love about a sleeping kitty?

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

And To Think It Was Only a Short While Ago...


The sun was warm, a cold beer for each

the grass was green but just out of reach

The shorts were short, the feet were bare

Farewell, to thee, oh weather fair

(Speaking of fair, I had nothing to do with this one.  Say it with me, y'all: don't quit your day job, dad)

Thursday, October 21, 2021

Brrrrrrrrr- Here We Go Again

 Let me think, how many times have I said this now since I've been with mom and dad?  The colder weather's setting in, and mom and dad each have their own bitchin' about it as if on cue.  Mom's always cold no matter what season we're in, and dad's dusted off the red cardigan. 

To me, it just means snuggling up closer, warmer, tighter and of course, more adorable than ever.  As many of y'all already know yourselves, laps are the best, but the well worn fleece makes it all the better. 

Friday, October 15, 2021

Big Thanks and Outdoor Freedom

First off, dad says a big Thank You to all y'all for your birthday wishes.  Betcha can't tell from this load of loot what flicks his ticker.

The only thing not in the picture is his new umm, delicates, let's say.  You can't see the detail, but the t-shirt says "
60 Today", and dad wore it proudly all day, including going out for a birthday breakfast.  Dad's favorite things in life are:

1)  Beer

2)  Food

3)  Coffee

4)  Mom

5)  Me

     and not necessarily in that order, but I live with the guy, so . . .

And of course, what's a birthday without the giftwrap aftermath (there's another "say that three times fast" for you.  Go on, try it).  Dad may have gotten the gifts, but I get to revel in the refuse.

    Going outside is a treat, but mom gets pretty stressed because I've had a tendency to wander, which is a no-no.  Dad's had these pieces of lattice he grabbed from a while ago just lying around in the basement, so he decided to enclose the front steps so mom doesn't have to worry about me taking off and I can enjoy the fresh air and sun puddles at my leisure. 

I'd already mastered the magnetic screen thingy, so mom can leave the door open and I can come and go to my heart's content.  
Mom and dad rarely use that entrance, and we have two other ways in & out of the house.  And yes, that's that little Norfolk Pine that was our Christmas tree last year.  At the rate it's thriving it looks like it'll be getting decorated again this year.

Saturday, October 9, 2021

Stream of Conciousness Saturday- an all over the place post

 as if dad doesn't drink enough coffee many days he runs out after he's ready for work to get mom a barrel of Diet Coke for her a.m. caffeine fix and he says oh, while i'm at it might as well get another coffee well one chilly morning he brought in his convenience store coffee and

Warming the Belly

knowing i like warm things held it against me to help keep me warm everybody should have a dad like mine anyway

ok, now the back

hey you know that pile of puzzles we got recently well mom looked real close at the picture on that dog one and noticed there are three cats in the puzzle as well
Can you find the cats?

dad found a hand sketched drawing of a curious face in the trash (the sketch was in the trash not the face) and decided to hang it up in the spare room over my facilities and added his own speech bubble should i be offended? 

whatever anyway me and dad are hard at work on our next post (me on the right, human bobblehead on the left)

oh and happy birthday to dad this weekend he turns
60 can you believe it and he says i'm the old fart sometimes when we write our posts and i'm all squished in next to him and he needs wants more coffee he doesn't like to get up because it'll disturb me so he'll just wait til its time to get ready for work okay i'm done. 
Cup Empty Kitty Comfy

Actually, this is kind of how mom's mind works 24/7.  She'll be all, like, I need to have breakfast the bills aren't gonna pay themselves hey the grocery list needs updating have i fed cleo yet anything good on netflix oh its Brian's birthday this weekend hmm i wonder if cleo's food will last til next grocery run i have to brush my teeth is it gonna be cold today oh wait have i eaten breakfast yet gee the leaves are getting pretty oh darn i need to get gas and on and on and on  sorry mom didn't mean to make fun of you love you lots mean it

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Apparently, The Theme Here is The Bed

 Sure, normal pillows are comfy and all, but when you've gotta sleep, you've gotta sleep.  You know, now that I think of it I see mom and dad occasionally reading by osmosis, too.

Typically, I sleep on mom's side of the bed (or on mom), but now and then I need a change of scenery, and dad's lap is just the ticket.  Plus, it's getting cooler now, so...
I can get comfortable pretty much anywhere, but does this look nice and cozy or what?
I know all y'all are more than familiar with laser eyes, and I've seen plenty of your fun photos of them here over the years, but dad snapped this one the other night when he got up to see where I'd gone.  The kitchen light was hitting me just right, and he couldn't resist.
Notice dad's big ol' balloon head shadow?
Lastly, on weekends when mom and dad don't head out early for hiking we like to have a nice lazy leisurely morning, just the three of us hanging out.