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Asheville, North Carolina

Saturday, April 12, 2014

A Special Moment

 What can I say?  Just two old guys sharing a little man love here.  Yeah, that's me and dad having a private moment.  Looks like I'm gazing upon him with great love and respect, admiring all of his finer qualities as the awesomest human being in the world, right?
     Actually, I was just in the middle of a good snooze and he inserted his obnoxious graying melon into my personal space and snapped this picture. I swear- sometimes he can be such an annoying dingus...

About This Blog

Created in July 2011 this blog chronicled the everyday life of a well-seasoned house panther named Orbit, who made the move with us from Massachusetts to North Carolina. He was a nearly constant companion for almost 22 years, and ruled our roost until he passed away in December 2014 which hit us like a ton of bricks.
After more than 2 years without a live-in feline friend we found this senior Tortie gal at Orange County Animal Services in Chapel Hill, NC and just couldn't leave without her. Cleo certainly came with an abundance of purrsonalitude, and has staked her claim on our hearts and in our home since day one. It took some long, deep thought, but I decided to pick up where Orbit left off and let Cleo tell her stories. Of course from time to time I'll add some non-Cleo posts, but she'll get over it.