Thursday, July 14, 2022

In Loving Memory

 I want to start by thanking all of Cleo's blogging friends- including those who, for one reason or another I wasn't able to thank on their blogs- for the outpouring of love and sympathy on learning of her passing.  Cleo's mom and I are still trying to accept that our sweet, crusty old girl has left us with a bunch of empty space around this house, and that she's no longer here to greet us with her typical drowsy indifference when we return from being out and about. 

As so many of you have experienced, the heartache endures, and the reminders are many.  Cleo is now back home with us, though that tiny, carved wooden box on the fireplace mantelpiece doesn't do much to lessen our grief.  

Her food & water dishes, her collar and tags, the empty corner where her litter box sat, the narrow kitchen cupboard with her food, treats, meds & grooming things, her little tin bucket of toys she rarely played with and the assorted ramps and steps I cobbled together for her are all reminders.  The majority of photos I hadn't used yet included way too many with Cleo's catnip plant, which has now taken over an entire corner of the front walkway.  Even though we'd shown so many with that damn plant I decided to include one here of our sweet Cleo in healthier times, 

 and maybe a few favorites from over the years.

Our Sweet Angel- We will never forget you.  We love you forever and miss you more than words can say.

Please note- comments aren't necessary as you've all been so gracious with your words of condolence in our previous post.   

With Sincere Appreciation,

Brian (Cleo's Dad)