Friday, July 3, 2015

Some Great Memories for the Fourth

At the urging of some I decided to put up some pictures of Orbit from our vast collection, some of which I may or may not have already posted.
We'd been considering a move recently, and much of my time has been spent searching living arrangements at larger, well-managed rental properties.  Unfortunately, many of these properties require a hefty "pet fee", something I don't 100% agree with.
I've been hoping to continue this blog-venture in one direction or another, though with appropriate changes because, let's face it- Peeballs and Pooplogs is 100% Orbit, but it'll likely be a while until there is another character to be the subject/blog owner.

Orbit can never be replaced, but I would like to be a slave again to a feline ruler some day, and this fee is a little prohibitive.  I can understand a deposit, which would be returned upon determining no damage has been done by said furry emperor, but come on!
Anyway, enough bitching.  Enjoy your July 4th holiday weekend, and enjoy some great photos of our beloved Orbit.  
Napping with Mom

His Majesty

Peeping Domestic Short-hair

Who's spoiled?

Classic Mom Butt

There will never be another

Could've used a perch on the back window, too!