Friday, June 29, 2018

Morning Adorable

     Early mornings here are for dad.  And me.  The other day he came out, his nose leading the way to the just-finished-brewing coffee, and found me lounging on the floor by my mat.
     I am so gosh darn adorable that he couldn't resist capturing it in this series of up close shots as I rolled onto my side, offering the camera my best, most adorable poses.

Friday, June 22, 2018

Sexy Old Kitty

  Way back when it was cold (you remember that, don't you?), mom and dad kept a sleeping bag on top of the bedding for extra warmth.  Dad says that if mom had her way it would be there year round.  Mom says to tell dad to shut up.  Says she can't help it if she's always cold.

     Dad chuckles when he comes home on these 90-plus degree days and mom's got her sweatshirt on.  Mom says dad can go around naked for all she cares if he's so damn hot.  Dad says he can't help it if he's so hot, then laughs.  Mom says "that's not what I meant, you idiot."
     Dad, thoroughly owned, says enough with this mom says/dad says stuff. The big dingleberry co-blogger calls these another study in light and shadow.  I call them just plain damn sexy, no?


Friday, June 15, 2018

Big Cat, Tight Space

Another one from this past winter.  Seems someone's looking back through all his photos trying to make sure he hasn't missed any for my blog. 

Though with the warmer weather I haven't been spending quite as much time on his or mom's laps, I most often wedged myself between dad's belly and the keyboard when I did.  This was usually how our early mornings went.

     Now and then, however, I felt the need to change things up, so I inserted myself between dad's leg and the chair arm. Tight fit, sure, but I was comfortable. Of course, this invited the old man's unfunny remarks about my considerable size melting into the space, etc., etc.  Idiot...

Friday, June 8, 2018

Ahh, Summertime

Summer's here, and that brings a few subtle changes in our home (besides mom not being wrapped up in the fleece all the time).  Ordinarily, as you may have seen in some previous posts, I like to relax on dad's lap while he sits in the ridiculously early morning hours reading and sipping guzzling his coffee.  With the warmer weather, though, I've developed different habits.  I've taken to a spot on the floor close to the front door where I prefer to lounge, just behind the chair dad sits in.  There, in the foreground you'll see dad's favorite Orbit mug and the novel he's currently reading, and you'll notice a travel mug as well.  Dad, out of nothing more than thinking about little old me, has been pouring both cups of coffee every morning, with the thinking that he won't have to get up quite as often for refills (sure, that's what he's thinking. What's next, intravenous caffeine?).  This way, he says, he won't disturb me when I do curl up on his lap.  Isn't he just the most thoughtful? Dad snapped this silly one first thing this morning when he saw me rolling around like I do in what they call my adorable pose. I know it's a little hard to see me, but check out those glowing orbs.