Saturday, September 23, 2017

A Fat Cat and Her Favorite Mat

  I'm not fat.  I'm not big boned.  Your insults are tiresome.  I'm... bountiful.  What, suddenly you're Dr. Seuss? Two can play at this game, mister.  

The Big Brat is an Ass Hat.  Cleo out.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Relationships Are a Work in Progress

The other night I'd reached a limit with dad's affectionate pats, and let him know it.  Now, this is something mom's been trying to work on with me (of course, unbeknownst to her it'll never work) for a while, but what she doesn't realize is that I don't know any better.
     She can yell and scold me all she wants, but what I hear is this, "                                 !".  I'm not like a human kid, although I know that's what some human kids hear when their parents yell at them.  In my mind, dad got too rough, I rightfully let him know I was unhappy (don't worry, it only took a trickle of hydrogen peroxide and one bandage), end of story.  
     They disagreed, I silently stuck to my limit with dad, mom scolded, then we all got ready for bed. 
     Anyway, here's how my relationship with dad really works (when I say so). 
I love them both and they love me, and we're all three still figuring out how to get along.  Of course it's not like it's difficult or anything.

Not being one to let an opportunity pass I'll end this post as such:  dad, for all the times you "comment" on my swinging, sagging pouch, I'm seeing in that first photo some pretty saggy, graying facial features...     

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Easy Sunday Selfie

So here's my Sunday Selfie submission for this past week.  Today's Wednesday, Dad.

     Come on, Cleo, give me a break!  I've been real busy at work, and putting in lots of overtime.

     Or you're just a procrastinator.

     I've had a lot on my mind.  You know, work, vacation time, etc.

     Or you procrastinate.

     I've been stressed, working short-handed, staffing changes and all that.

     Or you put things off til last minute.

     My mind's been elsewhere.  You know, right?

     Or you're just a procrastinator.

     You gonna do this by yourself?  Hmm?  Didn't think so.

     Anyway, this is me up close and personal by solar light.  Being the frugal minimalists mom and dad think they are and trying to go easy on the electric bill dad sits and reads (and sometimes blogs...) in the early morning hours by solar light, hence the odd glow.

     Oh, gotta cut this one short.  A certain someone just jumped up and and wants to take the place of the laptop.

     Yeah, so see you next week year month time we get on here...