Thursday, May 31, 2018

With All That Space

You'd think our place offered Cleo no place to rest her aged body. 
Much as with grocery bags and papers and mom's craft stuff when laying about on the floor, Cleo seems to find comfort in the most peculiar places.
Is it the crinkle of the plastic bags?  Is it the feel of the nylon of our rain jackets?  Who knows. 
With all that open bed space she has to pick that one spot to nap.  Go figure.
Can I interject here?  I mean, for someone who says "I've had cats all my life, etc., etc., blah, blah blah" why is this even a topic?  Like you don't know cats by now?  Come on Mr. "I'm so smart I can write a blog".  Get with the program.  How about posting something interesting?

Friday, May 25, 2018

Yay for Hiking

In addition to the hiking, another sure sign of summer weather is the seasonal clothing switch.  
Remember many posts ago, where you got a glimpse of dad's oh-so-sexy blue shiny slippery lounge shorts?  Well, mom brought them out again. 
     She systematically packs and unpacks their seasonal garments, and with the warmer weather comes the shorts they like to lounge in.

     As much as I don't care for bare skin at least these things cover enough of dad's lap for me to be comfortable, which is their number one concern, right?  I wanted this post to be about my never ending search for the most comfortable position, but of course dad had to make it about those damn shorts.  

Friday, May 18, 2018

And Now for Some Non-Cleo Stuff

     In non-Cleo-related news, mom and dad finally got to do some real hiking last weekend.
Is This Not Stunning?

     Yay for them.

     They got up extra early and drove about 3 hours west to hike a portion of Grandfather Mountain they hadn't yet been on.
The Views are Amazing!

     (stretching and yawning) I'm so excited.

     Mom packed a bunch of snacks and water, and made up a healthy lunch for them for when they got to the top.
What's Not to Love About This?

     And kitty got nothing.

     After a somewhat strenuous hike up to Calloway Peak they were rewarded with some of the most beautiful views of the surrounding mountains.
Absolutely Beautiful

     OMG, how awesome is that?  How 'bout some awesome views of you poor attention-starved diva here at home all by her lonesome?

     A little weary but feeling good about getting in some decent exercise, they arrived back home later in the evening, where they were greeted by their angry feline companion, who demanded to know what they were thinking, leaving her alone for the day.
Mom at the Bottom of One of the Ladders They Encountered

     (in her best southern belle drawl)  I hope y'all had a good time neglecting me.  Now freshen up my water, top off my crunchy bits.  This here girl's got some attention due her.

     Sore and tired, mom and dad look forward to their next trip west for more hiking.
And this is Cleo Atop her own Grandfather Mountain

     Don't even think about it...

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Where's Cleo?

Bet you can't find her.

Nope, that's not her.

Wouldn't be under the bed.

Pay no attention to the cat behind the curtain.


Friday, May 4, 2018

Play Ball!

No, this isn't a baseball-themed post.  I don't give two hoots about that.  Mom, dad and I have our games we like to play, one of which I also enjoy playing solo.

     I have my three little fuzzy balls that jingle when you toss them, and even though I'm a senior cat I love my play time. 
Mom and dad fling the a ball back and forth right near me, and even though I try to play like I'm not interested, before long they got me swiping away at the ball as they pass it back and forth.

     Now and then I don't let them have it back, and I'll continue to play with the darned thing by myself, grabbing it, biting it, kicking at it and tossing it up in the air or against the wall. 

     Good gosh, sometimes I get all crazy and feisty and lose control, batting and swiping at anything that gets too close. Hands, especially (sorry mom and dad). 
And then I stop.  Not interested in this silly child's play.  Nope.  Too mature for that.  Sorry this last one's so blurry.  Dad has too much coffee sometimes.  Okay, dad has too much coffee every day.  Sometimes he can't seem to hold his phone still.