Monday, December 31, 2018

New Year, New ?

As a cat one of my most endearing traits is my ability to nap and lounge pretty much anywhere. 
Made 'em move the laptop aside to make room for Me
I've posted many photos since arriving here of me on mom's lap, dad's lap, my special mat, the bed, in boxes, on bags- you get the picture. 
Dad's not the only one who needs my help on this thing

Ahh, a life of luxury...

My favorite mat and toys
As a kind of year-end compilation I thought I'd post a collection of photos of me doing what dad says I do best. 
Couldn't pass up an opportunity to rest against dad's shoes
Dad also wants to clean up his "Cleo" folder, and there's a couple of sweet flashback photos at the end as well.
Yep, laptop assistant again.  See how hard I'm working?

     I'm also getting the sense that something's up.  Furniture's been getting carted off by strangers, mom's been stuffing their things into boxes and stacking them in the corner, picture holes are getting patched, clothes are getting put in boxes.  Yeah, they got rid of that comfy ten ton mancave chair we loved so much and dragged out the ratty old beach chair.  Are you thinking what I'm thinking?  
Pretty much glued to these pillows since mom took them out

     Dad took this picture of me on these red pillows that they put on the beach chair for dad's back, and it made him think of a certain someone else from an earlier time.  Mom also reminded him the other day that it's been 4 years since dear Orbit passed away, so dad went through a bunch of old photos from years past and, well, do you see a theme here?
Mom and dad's sweet old friend and this blog's founder

Mom and dad love you and still miss you so much.  But back to me...
     Once dad finished sniffling his way through dozens and dozens of pictures of He Who Came Before I managed to get him to help me finish this post. Here's hoping y'all had a wonderfully Merry Christmas and your New Year is bright, cheery, safe, fun and everything you want it to be.  I did end up getting a new catnip-filled pretzel for Christmas, a teeth-cleaning tool cleverly (or not so) disguised as a chew toy.  I pawed at it, rubbed my face all over it, tossed it around a bit, and then walked away.  I still poke at it now and then, but as with my other toys my interest in it comes and goes.  
     Christmas morning found me lounging in bed with mom and dad, and dad couldn't resist snapping these shots of me cuddling with mom while she slept.

   As I mentioned earlier, something's afoot.  I'm getting a little antsy, what with the stacks of boxes, our bed dismantled, my carrier on full display in the corner.  Mom and dad just finished painting the apartment, mom took down the drapes, and it appears we're living out of boxes at the moment. I'll keep you posted the best I can, and we'll see you on the other side of the New Year.  Y'all stay well, and may the new year be all you wish it to be. 

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Merry Christmas to All!

     Here's wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas from me, mom and dad.  Once again we'll be keeping it simple, quiet and low key, just the way we like it.  We hope y'all's Christmas is safe, fun, warm & dry, and you have family and friends close and enjoy this merriest of seasons.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Meet Fifi

     In the spirit of this most festive and giving of seasons I've decided to allow dad to post something involving someone who is not me. 
This is Fifi, dad's oldest daughter's kitty. 
She lives up in Massachusetts and is quite the playful little thing.  One might surmise from her expression that she's not the friendliest of felines, but as happens with me and my annoying co-author occasionally she was simply photographed in the middle of a personal moment.
     Okay, so that's enough time for you up there. 
This is my blog afterall.  I was nice enough to give you the spotlight for one paragraph. 
     Dad: Come on now, big girl, it's always about you.  Is it really that hard to share the attention now and then?
     Okay fine.  I'm bored.  Whatever.  Wake me up when it's all about me again.  Hrrrmph...

Friday, December 14, 2018

Mom Playtime

As we've shown you in past posts I love playing with the toys mom and dad have given me.  I have my favorite playtime with dad (when I feel like it), and I also have fun with mom (again- when I feel like it).  
     My shoelace is my most favorite thing right now, and as with most other things mom and dad have their different ways of playing with me.  This is me and mom playing with my shoelace recently. Dad tied one of my fuzzy jingly balls on the end of it. 
Mom swished it back and forth and back and forth.  Goodness do I love to bat at it, grab it, tug on it and try to get it out of mom's grip.
And then I'm done playing.  It's usually to eat or drink, but I tend to get bored or distracted easily.  Whatever.  Hey, an old girl works up an appetite with all this activity, you know.

Friday, December 7, 2018

I Give Up

Can someone please remind me again what it is I'm doing here?  I've seen the stupid human photos with the peace signs behind the head and all the creative  dumbass photo bombs, but with your cat?  Really?  I don't remember seeing anything in my adoption papers that said I had to tolerate routine humiliation. Mom, I know dad is most often the dingleberry here, but...

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Post Thanksgiving Day Post, Just Slightly Delayed

Sad girl with no turkey.
So Thanksgiving was a hoot... for mom and dad😡.  Oh sure, I got to smell the turkey and stuffing while they slow-cooked in the oven all morning (the bird and stuffing, not mom and dad).  And I got to watch mom and dad eat.  And I got to watch dad rip apart the carcass in preparation for his annual lets-make-turkey-soup-and-not-give-kitty-anything festival.  Yay.  What fun.  Woo hoo. 
     Sure, we all got to lounge and nap some.  But I do that every day.  I thought for sure I'd at least get to sample that damn bird.

I mean, look at all this glorious meat!  They got a 14 1/2 pound roaster, this is what was left after they filled their gullets, and I got none!  I got tired of my pleas being ignored, so I spent the day like this.
Nope, not a single wing or drumstick.
     Oh sure, I should be happy that I have a nice warm place to rest my weary bod and all that crap, but not even a shred of that juicy stuff was sent my way.  This is what remained of the bird as they didn't want to waste a single morsel.  
     With all this stock dad made a vat of soup the likes of which the world has never seen (sorry, had to sneak in a Trump jab), and they even have a couple of quarts in the freezer for future enjoyment.  Good for them.  No, really, I'm so happy they get to enjoy time and again that beautiful, golden brown, juicy, tender bird.  Just one question, Mr. I'm-eating-all-healthy-like-never-before: Where'd all that glorious, salted, golden brown crispy skin go?  Hmm?  
     Mom doesn't eat the skin, and I didn't see any amongst the leftovers or in the compost bucket. What's the matter, hmm?  Cleo got your tongue?
Woe is me...