Sunday, April 28, 2013

Once Again, No Creative Post Title

So this is where I usually end up on my mornings with dad.  He's up early every day, getting some writing done checking his emails, browsing writing websites, watching the weather, amusing himself with Craigslist's "Rants and Raves".  The day most often starts out with
me on his lap while he reads for an hour or so, then he slides me off to the side and fires up the laptop for the previously mentioned activities.
     Sure, I put up a stink, letting him know what an A-hole he is for stuffing me off to the side, but what I don't let on is that it's actually quite comfortable.  The warmth is what I live for, and the tight space is pleasantly cocoon-like.  Within minutes I'm off in lala land, snoring away, a string of drool connecting my mouth to the chair cushion.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Syrup, Memories, Sap and Milestones

Sorry I'm so sporadic with this thing lately.  Life has returned to normal around here.  Mom and dad are back to annoying me with their crushing affection for/irritation with yours truly, and I'm back to being my spoiled self.  Here's a picture of that massive jug of pure Vermont maple syrup dad got during their trip up north.
That's right- a whopping gallon of the liquid gold (dad's description, of course).  He was giddy like a schoolgirl about this gift, and mom, of course, will have to oversee its consumption.  Actually, she'd prefer to lock it up, what with dad still being the food addict he is.
     They also brought back some great memories, and they hope it won't be too long before they get to see dad's first granddaughter again.

     This here is baby Cadence, in one of her more peaceful moments.  She's full of energy, smiles and teeth!
     Not bad, considering she's not even a year old yet.  Mom and dad got to play with her for a while, and she kept them smiling with her cute posing and energetic motoring around.
     This gargantuan guy is Cadence's flat mate, and he takes up about the same amount of physical space as Cadence does!
How's that for an evil glare?!  The photo doesn't do his actual size justice, according to dad. 

All in all they had a great trip, but the ride back was grueling.  Today they are celebrating their second wedding anniversary.  Dad was up ridiculously early, as usual (because of me, of course), putting the finishing touches on a cheesey, sappy special poem for mom.  Happy Anniversary, you guys.  Enjoy your day.  Okay, that's enough.  Now turn your attention back my way.  Good.

Friday, April 12, 2013

They're Baaaack

Oh my God!  So I'm sitting there minding my own business, basking in my solitude, when out of nowhere in walks mom and dad!  About 9:30 last night I see them coming through the front door, weighed down with bags and shit and cooing and whistling as if they've never seen me before.
     They left Vermont at about five yesterday morning and drove all day, getting stuck in accident traffic in Washington DC and having a close call or two while searching desperately for a place to stop and pee.  They got in and smothered me annoyingly (which I ate up)with all kinds of attention, and appeared to be very tired, fed up and glad to be home.
     They had a great time meeting dad's granddaughter and seeing some of his kids, and spending time with some of mom's family.

     Unfortunately, some of their plans fell through and they didn't get to see some family members.  It's been almost three years and they were looking forward to seeing everyone they wanted to see, but I guess things just didn't work out that way.  We'll just leave that one alone.
     I was actually glad to see them, and can't wait to fall back into our little routine of me being waited on hand and foot.
     I was about to toss some pictures into this post, but a certain dipshit hasn't done his part yet, so they'll have to wait. 

Monday, April 8, 2013

News From The Happy Travelers

Dad just called to let me know they got to their destination okay and were having a ball.  He said he and mom got to meet his granddaughter and play with her, and they've gotten around to see some of their old stomping ground, whatever the hell that is.
     They're staying with family up in Brattleboro, Vermont, where he says there are still piles of dirty snow here and there.  They can keep those up there, as far as I'm concerned.
     He was all excited because mom's sister gave them a gallon- that's what I said, a gallon- of pure Vermont maple syrup, something they haven't had in quite a while.
     Mom's going to have to control the flow of that stuff when they get back home.  Dad will likely have the whole damn thing gone in no time.
     Tomorrow they'll be heading to upstate New York to visit more family. 
     A lady dad works with has been stopping by to take care of my needs and keep me company. I just have to figure out a way to get her to keep her damn camera out of my face.
      It's probably a good thing someone's keeping an eye on me.  This would be a great time to throw a kegger
     Anyway, gotta go catch up on my quiet time. 

Monday, April 1, 2013

Spoiled? Nah!

 Well it's about damn time!  The sun was shining, the window was open, and dad put my favorite pillow- the one with all my dried up drool spots- up on my perch.  He actually picked the pillow and this sleeping cat up off the futon as one and gently placed us on the perch.  The air felt great, though
 still just a little cool, and the sun was amazing.  A little later on in the afternoon the sun wasn't hitting quite the right spot, so I got down.  Much to my
joy I did, however find a small spot of sun on the floor just behind the futon.  Being the sole reason for their existence I managed to get mom and dad to rearrange the furniture a little bit so that I could get to that sun spot.  You can see the square imprint from one of the futon legs by my back.  
     What these two won't do for me!