Wednesday, August 26, 2020

We All Have Our Things, Right?

So I have this weird thing about shoes.  Any shoes.  Sneakers, hikers, flip flops- whatever.  Mom and dad keep several pairs of shoes on a small shelf right by the front door and I couldn't be bothered to give them the time of day, but set a shoe by itself on the floor and I'm all over it.  I'm sure we all have our things, but I can't resist loving all over shoes, even dad's stinky ones.  He recently brought a new pair of joggers home and I was like a pig in sh*t.  Or dad with a slab of prime rib.  Or mom with a barrel of Diet Coke/french fries/pickles- you get the picture.  If anyone tried to move them I'd give them a what's what.  Anyhoo, I was all over these Nikes, loving them up one side and down the other. I don't know.  Like I said, we all have our things.


Saturday, August 15, 2020

Puzzle Time

Though I'm the maker of my own enjoyment, comfort and what all else, I've grown fond of just being near mom and dad.  With the warmer months I spend less time on their laps, but I just like being with them wherever they are, whatever they're doing.  Dad recently brought a puzzle home for them to work on, and not wanting to be left out I decided to get in on the fun.

Dad note:  I can't express what a joy Cleo is with all her habits, expressions, silliness & 'tude.  The way she rolls over and pulls what we call her "adorable" pose, staring at us upside-down, how she moves with the sunpuddles as they slide across the floor in the living room & back bedroom, the habits & routines she's developed, including asking to be let outside (onto the deck), knowing that bedtime means flattening herself out on the entrance mat in preparation for her night's "spanking" (her somewhat gentle- though mom would describe otherwise- hindquarter patting and slight roughing up, which she sometimes can't get enough of and lets me know as much when I stop), and especially hopping up onto the bed at the end of the night and curling right up next to mom, though during the colder months she prefers on mom.  It's sad how seniors are often overlooked at the shelters, and I wish I could take all of the kitties home whatever their ages, but mom and I couldn't be happier that we decided several years ago to welcome this snippy, gentle, pampered, ornery, loving, all-about-me-dammit, silly, larger-than-life (sorry Cleo, had to toss that one in) senior Tortie into our home.

Okay, enough with the warm fuzzies, dad.  What brought all that on? I just wanted to help with the puzzle.  Sheesh, humans...