Sunday, March 30, 2014

Some About Me, Some Not

 So of course, this is me, doing what I do best.  It was last Saturday, somewhere around five in the morning, which is about half an hour
 later than I normally wake mom and dad.  They (mom) had the idea to go to their favorite beach to watch the sun rise.  It was partly cloudy, but they wanted to

go anyway.  They got some pretty good shots of the sun peeking through the clouds, and all they talked about was being the only ones on the beach at that hour.  If you ask me it's more like they're the only ones stupid enough to be there at that hour.  They made quick work of the bagles and fruit they brought, and settled in to admire the scenery.  Mom was glad they'd pulled the blanket off the bed just in case they (she) got cold.
     By the time the sun actually came over the clouds dad had pretty much consumed a pot and a half of coffee.  Mom had her usual Diet Coke fix, but managed to catch a few winks while dad sat in his chair bristling like one of those annoying chihuahuas.  

     This thing over here is apparently called a Calico Crab, and dad found a few of them loitering on the beach and tumbling in the surf. 
     If you ask me, the sun comes up every day, and that's pretty much mom's typical pose for that hour, so why not just stay in bed?

Sunday, March 16, 2014

A Joint Effort

If there was ever any doubt about who, exactly writes my posts these photos should prove that it's a joint effort.  Usually I simply talk and dad writes what I say, but occasionally he needs me to actually do some of the typing, since he can be kind of an idiot sometimes.  His fingers have a better reach than mine do, and usually my thumbs get in the way.  Teamwork, I say!
(Dad here.  Actually, this was a typical day where the battle for lap space is usually won by the laptop.  Orbit, however, insisted on asserting his right to my lap and won reluctantly compromised.)

     Oh, and tomorrow's St. Patrick's Day, whatever the hell that's supposed to mean, so Happy St. Patrick's Day.  Mom and dad both have Irish in them, so I suppose that, since I've been in the family since day one I have a wee bit 'o the green in me as well.  (You know I did not write that, right?!)

Monday, March 3, 2014

So Fire Me

As if I don't have enough to do around here I've been tasked with the responsibility of being head bookmarker.  That's right, apparently these two think I don't do enough for them.  Imagine the nerve!
     They were reading the other night, and, though dad is usually the one to fall asleep it was mom who couldn't keep her eyes open.  I could see her drifting off, so I reached over and held her place.
     Unfortunately, however I, too dozed off, and mom ended up losing her spot anyway.  What do you want- I'm a cat, dammit!