Monday, July 22, 2019

More Fifi

We're gonna take a short recess here because there's lots going on, but I'll leave you with some more about dad's oldest daughter's "boss" Fifi.  Dad posted some Fifi stuff quite a while ago, and his daughter has sent some more recent pix.  As much as I don't care to share my space here I've reluctantly agreed to allow a post about the playful little girl from mom and dad's home land up in Massachusetts.  
Here, let me help
No, that's not dirt.  Those are beauty marks.
Hey, another bag lady!
Adorable Girl

And dad's favorite one
Yep, planned on doing some writing she did, until Fifi decided she wanted to help
See all y'all in a bit...

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Another Day at the Beach

So when mom and dad leave on early weekend mornings this is where they head.  There are tons and tons of beach houses along the route they take to Fort Fisher Beach, but they say this is all the real estate they need-

Even if the weather's iffy they take their chances.  Here's a storm that was brewing one sunny afternoon while they were beachin' it.
Beach Neighbors and Other Strangers
And here's dad paying no attention whatsoever to the darkening sky.

 While they're away basking in the sun you'll find me doing what they're doing but on the rocking chair instead of out in the hot sun.
My adorable pose, mom and dad's favorite

This is my dainty ladycat crossed paws pose

Trying to find the right position for maximum comfort
Go ahead, you know you want to say it-  "Who's a sexy old girl?"

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Flip Flop Yack Attack

This was not staged in any way.  I swear. Don't worry, the yack was primarily fur.  And yes, mom made sure to throw down a great big "I told you so!" when Hungry Jack related this tale to her.

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Warning: Too Much Skin

As y'all are already aware I love sitting with mom and dad in mom's rocker, so bear with me as we do yet another post about it. I usually fall asleep on their laps, but often I wedge myself between their leg and the chair arm, as in this case. I know it gets old, but it's a favorite place for me to be, and this is my blog and that's that. 
This was one recent morning when I was lounging with dad.  It's been extra warm lately, and it's not unusual for the old guy to saunter around the apartment in varying stages of undress. Sure, we could've fudged out his flesh or otherwise doctored the photo, but dad and I were too lazy to mess around with that and besides, it's only his torso.  And some leg.  And a little man-boob.

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Cat Tails

     Dad had a bunch of overtime this past week so he took a day off mid-week and he and mom took a drive down to Ocean Isle Beach to drop off some donations at Cat Tails Adoption Services.  
     After talking with the wonderful ladies who operate the agency mom and dad were shown around the facility, and came away awed at the hard work the staff has cut out for them, the love and compassion they possess and the number of kitties young and old that are currently housed there.  
     You can see who's currently available for adoption on their website and I encourage you to check it out (their link's over on the right just below that little sweetie angel Grayson), but dad says seeing them all up close and in person was something else.  There are literally dozens of kittens and a handful of adults, and mom and dad were saddened by the fact that several kitties were twice and even three times adopted and returned because people can be a**holes.  
      Yes, there are cases where an adopter just cannot take care of their pet, but dad got the sense people just decided they no longer wanted to keep the cat and just brought them back.  
     This place had room after room after room filled with mostly free roaming felines, and mom and dad wanted to take them all home. Cat Tails also has adoption events every weekend at the PetSmart in Wilmington, and mom and dad always stop by there to visit the kitties whenever they go to pick up my special diet food. 
     The dedication and hard work these ladies are committed to is awe inspiring and mom and dad came away from Cat Tails with a new respect for the special type of person they all obviously are.
     This is not a paid endorsement or anything.  Dad just thinks they deserve a shout out for their hard work and devotion to these kitties.