Thursday, July 27, 2023

Settled? What?

  Goodness me, we're a bit behind. 

I know that mom and dad have moved a time or two (or three or four) over the years, and although I've heard them discussing many times how settled they've gotten here in the Asheville area since before I adopted them and how much they love the western North Carolina mountains, we're currently in the midst of an adventure (not a term mom, especially, would use). Some of my favorite hiding spots disappeared and there were stacks of boxes everywhere.

My coffee table went MIA, the futon vanished, the sofa went missing and the house pretty well emptied out. I'd overheard conversations-some excited chatter, others negative and loaded with cursing- about the property finally selling. You see, dad is the caretaker for a sprawling private mountainside residential estate that'd been on the market for quite a while, and our house is part of the estate. When dad's employer decide to relocate and asked dad if he'd be willing to stay with them he was initially hesitant because he and mom had grown to love this area. However, after some discussion, they decided that it made sense to stay with dad's employer since they've been so good to mom and dad since he started working for them in the summer of 2020 (yes, well into the early phase of the pandemic!) So our home away from home away from home mentioned in the previous post was something referred to as an AirBnb, which we've since vacated. Let me just say, the term "Superhost" Doesn't mean the home is clean, odor-free and safe, and I'll just leave it at that. We're now coming to you from replacement temporary quarters in Asheville, and it's looking like we'll be moving north to more permanent temporary housing within the coming weeks. I think. Confusing, I know. At least I have some of my comforts from what used to be our home,
and I'm learning to relax in some new favorite spots while we're here.

Sunday, July 9, 2023

Seussically Smudge & Post-Lagging

 One cat

 Two cat

Bed cat

 Shoe cat

Your first thought is probably that dad's trying to make space in his "Smudge" photo folder (partly true). I, however, know differently. Upheaval. Chaos. Change. Been absent for a bit, but lots going on. We're coming at you from our home away from home away from home (dad's actually doing this post from NYC where he is once again taking care of two attention-stealing canines). More to come. So how 'bout that rhyme?