Friday, November 29, 2019

Thank-full; a Before and After Post

As usual for some years now, mom and dad enjoy a hearty- but somewhat healthy- Thanksgiving dinner.  As I'm sure we've already said over the years mom has taught dad to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner without drowning everything in gravy, without his once-beloved canned cranberry sauce, and without more side dishes than one person could handle.
Sure, he still misses some of that stuff from time to time, and mom hasn't stopped worrying about his eating habits, but all in all he's learned to enjoy feeling better overall due to a better-late-than-never change in eating habits (thanks again, mom).  This year, in spite of their concerns about my health I even got a little treat, and boy did I relish that tasty burd!
Anyway, here's a little before and after display of our day.  I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and didn't get too full.  
Mom's pie (unbaked- it's whole wheat dough) and pinwheels from extra dough and extra apples for applesauce
Dad's Stuffing Getting Ready to Jump Into the Bird
Mom's Pie Almost Done
This year dad will get two pots of stock
This piece of turkey started out in her bowl...
 A little post-dinner movie and nap
This Holiday Thing Can Be Exhausting

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Bathing Beauty I

What better spot to bathe than the biggest sunpuddle in the living room.  I was deep into my routine and really didn't pay much attention to the big guy with his phone.  By now I'm like "whatever" when it comes to intrusions into my privacy.  The only things that matter here after a nice long wash-up are a fabulously shiny coat for me and a nice little pool of furry yack for dad (sorry, no photo this time).

Friday, November 15, 2019

Loving the Fleece (and mom's lap, of course)

You know, for all the bitching I'm hearing 'round here I'm not entirely sure I know what the fuss is.  I mean, I'm warm, right?  I'm comfortable, no?  I'm fed, I can sleep pretty much anywhere anytime, and I'm pampered beyond belief, am I not?  I see nothing wrong with dropping temps, do you?  

Monday, November 11, 2019

Nothing's Off Limits

Once again, if mom and dad are stupid enough to leave something on the bed with me around, all I can say is it's fair game.  And I don't even want to hear their crap about all that space/whole bed to lay on/nice warm afghan blah, blah, blah, etc., etc., etc.  

Look at it this way- dad gets to take a little bit of me to work with him, right?

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Different Tastes/Different Styles

On Sundays mom and dad almost always have mom's whole wheat flax blueberry pancakes for breakfast.  It's a thing, I guess, and they've had them every single Sunday morning for as long as I can remember.  The big difference between them is the way they eat them.  Mom likes to keep things basic, and enjoys the simple taste of plain pancakes and blueberries.  No toppings, no distractions; just the simple goodness of something natural.  As they should be, says she.
And then there's dad.  As you may recall from his birthday post some weeks ago he received a long-desired refill on his pure maple syrup from New England.  Mom and dad have never seen eye to eye on all things food, this being one of them.  On their first date many moons ago mom invited dad to her house for a breakfast of French Toast, where they proceeded to eat them right out of the pan, unadorned.  Of course dad wouldn't say anything what with them being a new couple and all, but he'd much preferred to have had them slathered with the sticky golden brown goodness of maple syrup (with a hearty slab of butter beneath, of course).  Flash forward to the present and, well, as you can see, like I said above about how they have different preferences...
Mom's delicious pancakes as she prefers them, just as is right out of the pan...
… and then there's dad, his plate full of syrup topped with pancakes.  Of course this photo doesn't really show the full amount of syrup or the depth of saturation the pancakes have suffered.  Ok, I'll give him one for his fruit intake what with the nanners on top, and I guess another for keeping away from butter for years now, but the sea of syrup beneath and throughout the stack are dad's real reason for eating mom's pancakes.  It's okay, dad.  She knows you enjoy them.  She knows you just like the syrup more.  Just don't go whining to her when the gallon jug's empty.

Sunday, November 3, 2019

To Flash or Not to Flash

As I'm sure I've many times told y'all, dad has the keen ability to see the wonder in everything. Okay, wait- he just left the room for a minute.  What I meant to say was he's easily amused. Sometimes he finds the simplest things interesting, and as with his fascination with black and white photos he's intrigued with lighting when it comes to what he considers his awesome photography "skills".  Anyway, I'll stop making fun of him for now since I'm waiting for him to feed me.  Here, he shows his best old girl (sorry mom, you know you're his best, but you also know he'd never refer to you as old*) with and without flash.  You know, dad, for someone who often pokes fun at mom for being distracted by shiny objects...
With Flash

Without Flash

* Mom's 12 years younger than dad