Friday, August 31, 2012

Close, Closer, Closest

     The other night I was minding my own business when out of the corner of my eye I see Grayson (that's right- mom's named the damned thing 
now!) trying to 
sneak up on me.  If you look real hard you can see him through the step stool in front of me.  He thought he was being real cool, creeping real slow.
     I had my eye on him, though, and I watched his every step.  He started getting too close, so I got up and moved a few feet away, but the little shit started following me.
     Ever so slowly he moved closer and closer.  You have no idea how difficult it was to stifle a hiss!  I decided to be good enough to let him get this close to my tail and sniff around before I reached my limit, hissed and growled, then moved again.

Monday, August 27, 2012

More On The Annoying Little Thing

     Well, things are going okay, I guess.  Mom has scolded me a few times for hissing at the new guy, but all in all I guess it hasn't been 
 that bad.  I'll glare at him from a distance, then lose interest.  Sometimes, if he gets too close I'll exercise my right to free hiss, then
 turn and walk away.  Gotta keep him in line, I say.  These pictures show him the way he is almost constantly.  They're so blurry because he just
doesn't sit still!  Mom and dad let him out of the bathroom to roam a bit, and he's getting bolder and braver each day.  He's taken to playing under the coffee table, near where I like to lounge, and I keep an eye on him from a safe distance while he bounces around and jets back and forth like a rubber ball.  I can't even remember having THAT much energy!!
     He's up to about one pound and four ounces now, so he's definitely gaining weight, especially now that he's eating and drinking a lot.  Listen to me, talking about him as if I'm happy to have him around.  What the hell?

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Many Faces Of Orbit's Feelings

     This is my happy-go-lucky face.  Note the subtle smile.  This is from before the little one came.
     This is my indifference face.  See the change?  This is from when they first brought the little shit in.
     This is my wait-a-minute-what-the-hell's-going-on-here face.  Quite a change in expression, wouldn't you say?
  This is my...  hey, wait a minute- I just realized how good looking I am for an old guy.
     Anyway, what was I talking about? 

Sunday, August 19, 2012

I'm On The Fence. I Mean He's Cute, But...

So mom's been taking care of the little guy, seeing to it that he eats every couple of hours, and playing with him out in the kitchen.  He's gotten to where he gobbles up his food, then, after a brief grooming session romps around the kitchen.  He especially likes looking at his reflection in the stove drawer, and it's funny to watch him put his nose up to his reflection and bat around underneath the drawer.
     He's kind of getting used to his routine with mom, and once she opens the bathroom door (where they've been keeping him) he follows her right out into the kitchen, stopping along the way to sniff the table, baseboard, and anything else he finds along the way. 
     I am NOT very pleased with things these days, and I'm letting mom and dad know it.  They know I'm seriously annoyed, and I'm punishing them for their actions.  Yeah, yeah, I know I was once in the same boat, blah, blah, blah, etc., but come on, this is bullshit! I want to enjoy these autumn years.  I don't do well with stressful situations.  Really, guys.  What are you thinking?!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Orbit's In No Mood To Post

Well, it's been an adjustment period.  Orbit's not really himself since the kitten's arrival, though now and then we do see a spark of his old self. 
     During the night he came up onto the bed and cuddled with us the way he always did, and we even got a headbutt or two in the face.  I know the old orbit is still in there, he's just letting us know he's not very happy with this new temporary situation. 
     He's hissed at the kitten a few times, and whenever he hears him crying he stares with large, suspicious eyes, in the direction of the new sounds.  Our current living arrangement doesn't really allow for this to go from the "F" word to the "A" word, and I'm hoping we'll be able to find a decent home for the poor little guy once he gets a little bigger.  
     I'm sure orbit will bounce back, but I'm hoping this doesn't cause any permanent health or emotional issues at his... advanced age. He's sitting on the floor behind me right now, where he's been spending most of his time when not hiding under the bed.  His hearty vocalizations and near-constant need to be in a lap have pretty much stopped, but I'm sure this is normal, and he'll either get used to it, or return to the way he was once kitty finds a home.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

The "F" Word

 Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I said it. Foster, that is. Mom and dad are officially foster parents.  Dad found this poor, weak little guy under a bush down the street, and mom took him into dad's work where the nice ladies he works with comforted and coddled him.  He was pretty weak when mom brought him in yesterday, and it was all they could do to get a syringe of kitten milk into him.

     As of tonight he's gobbling down canned food mixed with the milk, been peeing in his makeshift litterbox, and finally, about an hour ago he pooped!  Great job, little guy, now hurry up, get better, and get the hell out of MY house!  

Dad reminder- Now orbit, you know damn well that this is the same way YOU started out in life, and you should be grateful that you were given a loving home for the hundred or so years you've been on this planet.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Mom's New Friend

This is someone mom and dad met in Home Depot the other day while shopping for some toys for dad.  He was in a shopping cart (the dog, not dad) with another 4-legged shopper being pushed by a nice  
lady, and mom couldn't stop her-
self from talking to the little guy.  The nice lady asked if mom wanted to hold him and she melted instantly.  The poor guy had no control over his tongue, and he settled right into mom's arms like a baby, with those big glassy eyes and that pink tongue just sort of hanging out. 
     Mom threatened to kidnap him, which would not have gone over too well with me, but the lady refused to part with him.  Mom reluctantly handed him back, and they continued on their way.

Friday, August 10, 2012

So What, I Was Bored And Tired

 My wife and I had been sitting in the living room talking the other afternoon when we realized orbit wasn't where he'd been laying.  He has a favorite spot on the living room floor, and we hadn't noticed he was no 
longer there.  My wife got up and went towards the bedroom, where she stopped, smiled, and signaled for me to come over quickly and quietly.  This is what we found.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

One Of These Things Is Not Like The Others

Umm, I'm not really sure what to say about this picture.  In case you don't see me I'm the dark thing in the back, trying to blend in with the shoes.  I'm open to suggestions for a caption here.  Bye.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Wow, Someone Needs A Life

Well, aren't these two easily entertained.  Apparently I was in a deep, deep sleep the other night, when I woke to mom and
dad laughing hysterically.  Turns out I was sleeping so soundly and drooling so heavily I didn't even know 

enough to reel one in, and this string of my spittle swung from my mouth like a rope.  At first it was a shorty, but as I turned my head from side to side, bewildered at their raucous laughter, the drool string stretched to the floor.  Once I figure out how to use a camera I'm gonna get a video of one of them drooling, dribbling or farting when they're asleep.  Just wait and see!