Thursday, October 31, 2019

Trick or Treat or Not

Each year for the past however many years mom and dad would buy a bag of treats, have maybe a visiting goblin or two or none, and devour the candy themselves afterwards.  Candy- especially chocolate- is a downfall for both of them, and as much as they love it they chide themselves after eating it.  So this year they've decided not to get any treats.  We live at a large property as we have in the past, but I guess they're expecting no visitors.  Dad has been known to scare kids unintentionally and otherwise, and admits to being mean to his siblings growing up, scaring them just because he could.  Here's an awesome Halloween decoration he found and photographed in a store recently, something he says he'd loved to have had in his youth to disturb the sleep of his brothers & sisters and frighten the neighboring kids.  He's really such a nice, sweet gentle guy (is that good enough, dad?), so we're not sure of the root of his mild sadomasochistic penchant.
Here Bunny Bunny
So whatever you end up doing for tricks or treats-

Sunday, October 27, 2019

The Sleep Collection

No, this isn't a mattress store advertisement. Different seasons, different places, different positions, but one loved, pampered happy old girl.


Thursday, October 24, 2019

Birthday Thanks and Other Stuff

So the dumb*ss dinglehoozie intended to mention his appreciation for all y'all's Birthday greetings in a previous post, but, well, the first part of this sentence explains why that never happened. Better late than never, I suppose.  Anyhoo, as we've mentioned about a hundred bazillion times over the span of this blog's life dad's up early most days.  I've been staying on the bed with mom where it's nice and warm, and one morning recently dad, ever the lover of silhouettes and black and white photos, grabbed this shot of me through the door as daylight seeped through the blinds. 
With the onset of cooler temps, and in addition to the afghan getting put on the bed the favorite fleece blanket use is ramping up.  Mom and dad sat out on the deck one recent afternoon enjoying the fresh air.  So, yeah, they're sitting outside.  Shivering.  With sweatshirts.  And the fleece.  Can someone please explain these two to me?

Sunday, October 20, 2019

My Tock-tober Contribution

Not ordinarily ones for following the crowd dad and I decided to go along with Angel Derby's Tock-tober celebration with my submission.  Thankfully, at least dad had the decency to cover my exposed bum bits.
 So yeah, Happy Tock-tober, y'all.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Sun Soaker Selfie with Stupid (say that three times fast)

     So I'm minding my own business, soaking up an ever-shrinking sunpuddle when along comes dad, thinking he'll get a photo with me.  

Yes, that's me up front, and the salt-and-pepper chin bristles and ever-expanding forehead acreage behind me belong to the brilliant photo fail king.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Birthday (Old) Boy

     Well, today the old guy turns another year closer to the big 60, and he says I'm old?!  Anyway, today dad is 58, but he still says he doesn't feel a day over, oh, I don't know- 40?  45?  Whatever he says.  Like mom, I typically tune him out.  Mom's sister visited a few weeks ago and brought with her a few of dad's favorite things.
     Mom replenished his pure maple syrup supply, which she naively claims should last him til his next birthday (I'll have to have a talk with her), and her sister gave him an aromatically awesome gift of maple-flavored coffee and an interestingly labeled 4 pack of brown ale.  Check out the label if you can see it.
     Dad just loves pure maple syrup and uses it in his daily oatmeal and, of course, on mom's famous blueberry whole wheat-flax pancakes that they have pretty much every Sunday morning.  If mom had her way she'd keep that syrup under lock and key because dad has never learned the meaning of "just a little bit".  Not included in the photo is another of dad's favorites- feta stuffed green olives from me.  I'm telling you, this guy and food...
     Coffee, beer and pure maple syrup are just three of the 5 things dad lives for (besides mom and me, of course).  Mom says not to mention the 5th.  
     Anyway, Happy Birthday yet again, old man.  We love you, and hope you have an awesome day.


Saturday, October 5, 2019

Shadow Stringplay

Nothing spectacular here, folks.  Just dad playing with me and my favorite shoe lace.  Dad says he thought the light & shadow was kind of cool.  Sometimes (mom and) I wonder what's going on in his brain. Guess I'm just not seeing it.  Anyway, this weekend's daytime highs are going to be about 15 to 20 degrees lower than this past week's, so I'm getting ready to work on my cooler weather napping and cuddling. Y'all get out there and have yourselves a wonderful weekend.

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Closer and Closer and Closer

I was just waking from a nap out on the deck one day recently when I spotted dad lying on the floor taking pictures through the slider glass.  It was a hot one and the a/c was running, so the door was closed (hence the hazy look).  As you can see I have no problem vocalizing when I want them to open the door.