Sunday, March 27, 2022

Power (Outage) Breakfast

So I'm trying out a new font here since we realized my curlicue one might've been a little too squiggly with some of the letters.  Anyway, as many of y'all may have experienced yourselves, a recent storm caused power outages of varying lengths.  The winds 'round these parts can be robust, (as me and dad write this the wind is, once again, whipping like crazy out there and the internet's intermittent) and a weekend or so ago caused more than a little concern what with the tall trees surrounding us.  We ended up losing power for several hours that Saturday when temps dropped through the day into the teens, and as they do, mom and dad made the most of things. 

We all pretty much stayed camped out in the living room in front of the fireplace we're so grateful to have, and a little thing like a power outage wasn't gonna stop mom and dad from enjoying their typical Saturday eggs & bagels breakfast.. 

Sure, there's a propane camp stove at the ready and a propane grill in the basement, but they decided to rough it. 

The fire stayed lit throughout the day, even after power was restored, and life went on.
Nothing's gonna stop mom from getting her tea!

  Besides these photos, dad took one of what Yours Truly was doing the whole time, but it looked pretty much like all the other photos of me curled up in my chair, snoozing blissfully.  When I realized dad sent it to the "Deleted" folder I huffed and fumed, so he added this one from this morning to make me happy.  

Power Restored, still taking advantage of the heat

Wednesday, March 23, 2022


I don't know, I must be softening in my old age.  Sure, I'm okay with occasionally highlighting family members' feline companions, but now I find myself sharing non-family kitties.  Mom and dad have been caring for a vacationing neighbor's barn cat named Val, a tabby & white youngster who has full command of a barn up behind us. 

Now, as a Tortie, I have my own special way of showing love and stuff, but I've overheard mom and dad talking about what a snuggly cat this Val is.  On more than one occasion I've also heard sentence enders like, "but we wouldn't trade you for the world" and whatnot, so I guess I have nothing to worry about.  I guess. 

Anyway, that there lady barn cat is Val.

Hi Val.

Bye Val.

Wednesday, March 16, 2022


 We all sleep, right?  I mean, what's so fascinating about a sleeping cat?  With all the pictures dad insists on posting of me catching some ZZZZs you'd think it was a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence or something.

  Truthfully, I'd say mom's emoji PJs are more exciting than a snoozing Tortie.  But even those are kinda like "meh-".  

Okay, maybe he's got a little bit of a point here.

Saturday, March 12, 2022

Girl's Got the Blues

Lordy Lordy, sounds like the wind's fixin' to take down some trees and power lines out there for sure!  Better get this post on up before we lose power-

So mom's been working on her crocheting lately, and alternates between my chair in the living room and sitting on the bed to practice her handiwork.  She's been working with a variety of colors, but on this particular day she was using a rich blue skein, and also on this particular day I decided I was going to help her. 

Keeping it Nice and Flat

Now, before you say it, no, the electric blanket was not on.  They just keep it on the bed because they still use it on chilly nights since springtime is dragging its butt here (but honestly, I think it stays there because they know how fond I've grown of its soft fuzziness and since they adore me to no end and always want to please me and fall all over themselves to cater to my every whim and all that- you know how some humans can be). 
Land Sakes Alive I am Adorable, Aren't I?

Anyway, this blue yarn against the black & white of the electric blanket topped by the world's most magnificent Tortie made for some spectacular 
imagery, though I'm not sure what was going on with the odd lighting in this last one.  I think dad used his phone's flash, and it created a gross yellow tone.

If y'all find yourselves in the path of this rain/snow/wind mess please stay safe and warm.  Dad says it's crazy to think that just last weekend he and mom were hiking at Dupont State Forest in 70-some degree weather, and here we are, thinking about having to go out to spread some ice melt on the driveway!

Sunday, March 6, 2022

Soakin' it Up


Not much to say here.  Dad says I'm like a big furry living, breathing solar panel, absorbing all I can.  The sun was hitting my chair just right on this particular day.  

Dad pulled this next one out of the "Unused" folder.  It was taken on Thanksgiving Day this past year.  And no, I was not allowed to sample anything.  I complained a bit before dropping off into la-la land from solar overload.

And lastly, though the sun wasn't shining in the bedroom windows dad liked the way the headboard lamp cast a calming glow on me.  Easily entertained as ever, I guess.