Sunday, November 28, 2021

Sunday Slumbering Tortie Photo Dump

 Y'all have your own adorable-beyond-adorable snoozy photos, I know, but dad couldn't help himself here.  Mom recently came home with a checkerboard electric blanket after tiring of dad's bitching totally sympathizing with dad's recent complaints about being cold, and although dad says he's always been afraid of using them he's sure as tootin' grown real fond of it over these past few chilly days.  Now, before you think it yes, they're careful with it, and they're thankful that Yours Truly has never been one for kneading.  That, and mom keeps my talons pretty well trimmed.  Anyway, as this post's title says, dad decided to just dump all these shots of their reason for existing doing what she does best.  Hope you enjoy seeing them a fraction as much as I did posing for them.  Ready?  Here goes-

I gotta say, even if it's not plugged in, the darn thing is sooooo comfy!

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

What Special Needs?

One of dad's handcrafted pieces of fine ornate carpentry has adorned our living room for a while now, and I wanted to share it as an addition to our  previous post about my steps and such.  When I first showed signs of limping he and mom tried to cover all their bases to make things easy for me. 

As you can see, dad's my chair is, well, mine, but the height of the seat cushion was concerning. It only took a few minutes, but I trained myself to use this ramp with ease, and it's become a permanent piece of furniture.  Since feeling better I've taken to hopping up on the top platform, but still use it to go down. 

As with the two-step thing they put by the bench in the other room, dad covered the flat surfaces of the ramp with carpet padding so I don't slip.

Dad's got a few days off for the Thanksgiving holiday, so I get to enjoy both of them together for a nice little stretch.  We're not doing much; just keeping it low key as always, and they're talking about doing some local hiking and other wanderings.  Mom made her mouth watering apple pie, and we're having a rotisserie chicken with fresh green beans & brussels sprouts and dad's yummy stuffing.  Oh, and the champagne and OJ are chilling for some refreshing mimosas.  We want to wish all y'all a safe, warm, relaxing and enjoyable Thanksgiving.  I'm sure as shootin' thankful for being an inside-only kitty with the temps what they are these few days!  Dad says it was about 17 degrees when he got up this morning.  

Thursday, November 18, 2021

Life on My Time

 Okay, so here's what happens on occasional mornings when I think someone else in this house should be awake to keep me company no matter what time it is.  Mom always sets up dad's coffee maker the day before, so dad just has to hit the button at bedtime that'll make it ready by the time he slides out of bed.  Currently, it's set to start brewing at 4:30 so that it's ready when dad rises at 5:00, but more often than not he's out there once he hears it spitting and sputtering to life.  I seem to go through spurts of whatever you want to call it, waking mom and dad by 3:00 by walking back and forth over them, talking loudly, unable to settle and generally being annoying just being me. 

This particular recent morning happened to also be the morning after dad snuck an additional cup of water and scoop of grounds into the coffee maker after mom had set it up (mom'll just be hearing about this for the first time when she reads this).  He must've known something.  Anyway, that clock was not changed to enhance this post.  He did, in fact, finish that whole pot by 5:45 a.m. 👀 Who does that?  Any other fiends out there?  

Thursday, November 11, 2021

The Old Girl and the Bench

Dad here- first off, let me apologize for the poor focus of these photos.  It's hard to capture the old girl being still, so yeah, that's my excuse.
I know we've posted photos before of the Queen Bee on this bench, but that was a while ago. 

Since then- and especially over the past few months- we've had some concerns about her ability to climb, jump, etc. due to arthritis issues. 
She had a noticeable limp for some time, but her medication seems to be helping, and her limp is all but gone.  Between the various blocks, steps and ramps I've tried to fashion with my rough carpentry skills she's been able to get to most places easily enough with her ailing antique joints and all. She'd previously been able to jump up onto this bench with ease, but it had been quite a while since she even attempted it.  We've always tried to watch to make sure she doesn't jump, but she hasn't even shown interest in it.  Until the other night. We were sitting at the kitchen island and out of the corner of my eye I spotted large multicolored motion, and turned to see her perched on the bench behind us, just sitting there looking at us as if to say, "hey guys, whatcha doing?" 

Even though we don't want her getting into habits that might aggravate her arthritis, we were happy to see her energy level returning.  I immediately ran to the basement to get the simple set of steps I'd made which we hadn't been using, and set them by the bench. 

Sure enough, she stepped right down to the floor, and over the next few minutes went up and down them several times, stopping occasionally to bathe. 

Her pail of toys was on the bench, and we caught her with her head in it once or twice, and she even showed brief renewed interest in Miss Ellen's handmande 'nip ball.

Anyway, I know this is nothing exciting to most of you, but to us it was gratifying to see Her Highness feeling better and somewhat back to her old self.  She's even gotten the zoomies these past few nights, scuttling back and forth behind the living room drapes, yowling like she's got a megaphone, her head zipping back and forth like she sees something we can't.  We know that, at 17 she'll continue to have joint, kidney and other issues, but mom and I are grateful to see her being more active again.

Friday, November 5, 2021

Agruntin' and Agrumblin'- A Conversation at 4:15 a.m.


Are those even real words, dad?

They are now, says I.

Why, whatever do they mean?

They're noises you've been making lately.  This is something new-ish.  

I'm sorry, but I don't know what you're talking about. If you're gonna just make fun of me I'm cutting this off right now.

No, listen.  You see, I'm getting up there myself and mom's not far behind, though she's a youngster to you and me. I know a thing or two about noises one makes when getting up from sitting for a while or settling in for the night.  Noises one makes when getting out of bed in the morning.  Y'know, anything that takes some effort.  The joints just aren't what they used to be.

Well, if you're gonna make fun of me for making noises I could do a whole post about some noises you make all the time.

You got me there, old girl.  I'm just saying you've been making these funny noises lately, like when you curl up next to or on mom for the night, after you look up from a snooze in annoyance, give us the evil eye & then settle back in, that kind of thing.  Kind of reminds me of a balloon or a cushion deflating or something.

So I groan occasionally.  You did it this morning getting out of bed.  Remember- you and mom picked me over all them young'uns way back when.  You knew you were getting the whole package.

I know, I know.  All I'm saying is, this is something new.  Way back when, you didn't make these noises, that's all.  It's a new-ish thing for you, and I've gotta say- it's pretty darn amusing to mom and I.  I've wanted to get a video clip or two so I could share it here 'cause it's so darn entertaining, but, well, you know- the whole timing thing with cats can be tricky.

Yeah, well you're lucky I'm not able to use that thing.  I'd get footage of you walking around singing caterwauling and post it for all to hear.  That's sure to draw a few laughs.  Sorry for the blog detour, y'all.  Someone woke a little earlier than he'd like to have (of course it had nothing to do with little ol' me) and his creativity is still snuggled all nice and warm in bed.  Come on big guy, time to feed me.