Saturday, October 28, 2023

reNEWed HOPE (that we're done moving?) Part I

 Well, I think we've finally landed in our, uh, new home, though it took a lot out of us.

New Hope Visitor's Center 

We first hit the hip, artsy little borough of New Hope, PA back in I-don't-remember-exactly-when, settling temporarily in an Airbnb directly over Main Street.
Some of the marvelous architecture downtown

Now, mind you, everybody loves a party, lots of friends, abundant options for food and drink, and crowds of entitled pedestrians, but we aren't everybody.
Right across from where we stayed

New Hope certainly is quaint, and mom and dad love the ancient architecture all around this area, especially all the stone houses, but the downtown scene was not for us, especially since we typically like to sleep at night.
Apparently quite the popular spot in town

I know, I know, we're asking a lot, right? So we're just getting settled in our new place and learning our way around here. We're in a tight little development where, with one or two exceptions, it seems no one knows anyone, which suits us just fine. It's a fair bit different from where we were in Asheville, but it's home. Until this move, we'd never even heard of New Hope, but based on the roving downtown packs of pedestrians pretty much every day I'd say we're the exception.
Look real close. See him?

Lots of these guys spotted several times during our stay. Waiting to swoop down for some entitled roadkill perhaps?

Dad won't stop bitching about the speed limits in the negative numbers on these roads, and it seems everything's more expensive up here. Personally, I think dad's gotten a tad grouchier since turning another year older during the move. As always, me and mom just ignore him.