Thursday, March 28, 2019

Beach Bomb

     So the technology-impaired one is working on his photo editing skills (and skills is where I'd use air quotes if I had the proper digits), and he thought it would be funny to create a photo bomb with me and one of his & mom's old beach pictures.  If I'm not mistaken (this was back when Orbit owned them) the original was taken when they first arrived in the south like a hundred years ago and were all excited to be at a real beach in the middle of winter, hence the outerwear. 

     Okay dad, you're learning.  Good job there, big guy.  Nice work blah blah blah, etc., etc. etc.  Now can we get back to some real stuff about me and only me?

note:  dad claims that blogger was having issues and would not allow him to use the largest sized font for this post.  I can attest to the fact that he spent way too much time trying to correct it, got frustrated and kept swearing at the laptop, blogger, me, the chair, his coffee, etc., which I found amusing.  He finally gave up, aimed his finger at the "Publish" button, swore once more and then pressed the button fiercely and with a great huff of angry, coffee-and-morning-breath-stinky mouth wind.  

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Candles and Headboards- A Cautionary Tale (warning: a TMI post, sort of)

     So here's a funny story for you:
     Mom and dad both have a touch o' the Irish in them, but St. Patrick's Day was pretty tame here.  There was no loud partying, green beer or any wild shenanigans. What started out as a day of relaxing and reading ended with a visit to the emergency room.  That's right, a certain ding-a-ling got himself a nice little gash on his head, and I'll try to keep the explanation as simple and PG-rated as possible. So anyway:






which, with the help of skin glue now looks like

   See if you can figure out what happened.  And for the record, the first three photos were honestly intentionally snapped for a future tender, loving post.  And then, apparently, all hell broke loose (I'm not exactly sure what happened.  I left the scene shortly after the third photo was taken and the door was closed).

Dad was given the choice of stitches or skin glue, and he thought the glue would be less conspicuous.  Ha ha.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Out and About

     With nicer weather (and their need to shape up their ever-aging bods) mom and dad have begun to get out and about more.  Things are finally starting to settle down here what with address changes, new doctors, dentists, optometrists and veterinarians, license & registration updates and all that other stuff we felines thankfully don't need to worry about.  To be honest, mom's the one who takes care of this stuff, and that's all I'm gonna say about that. 

 Anyway, Westgate Nature Park isn't far from us, and mom and dad went for a stroll recently to explore. 
That's mom looking over the edge
The park isn't very big, but it has a wonderful raised boardwalk winding through wetlands and ending in an outdoor classroom. 

Mom chillaxin'

     Along the way there's a playground for the little ones,
plenty of well-lighted parking, wildlife information,
benches to rest one's weary bones and even a little free library. 
Isn't this just the coolest thing?
These pint sized repositories are scattered throughout the world and are really awesome.

     Go to and click "Writers Network News" in the right column and scroll to page 18 to see a great photo spread of these wonderful little free libraries. You can also learn more about them by visiting where you'll learn all about the tens of thousands that are set up across the globe.  Dad has thought about building one, but dad thinks about doing a lot of things and if his record of getting projects completed started is what mom says it is this little portion of the planet won't see a dad-built model anytime soon. 

note: according to the less brilliant half of this blog's authorship the above links worked when he tested them, but...

Monday, March 11, 2019

Mmmm, Muffins- a payback post

     Here's a little story about how dad likes to cook breakfast for himself and mom on weekend mornings.  On a recent Saturday morning he served up his awesome-as-usual (yeah, he made me put that in there) veggie omelet with a side of oven-roasted potatoes and bagels.  Dad likes his bagels simply cream cheesed, but mom has to plant spinach, sprouts and whatever else she can harvest from the fridge atop hers.  So anyway...

Thursday, March 7, 2019


Mom was busy making the bed one morning recently, and when she turned to pick up the comforter she'd tossed on the floor only a minute or so earlier guess who she found all snuggled up inside. 

Friday, March 1, 2019


     So okay, dad said I had to clarify something.  Now, I know I told you we moved to Wilmington, but we're technically in Leland, which is just across the Cape Fear River from Wilmington. It only takes us a few minutes (barring crazy assed traffic, of course) to get into downtown, as well as many other important things like shopping, parks, doctor's appointments and microbreweries.  As you'll see from my outstanding cartography skills Leland is right outside Wilmington, and we're still close enough to the Port City to say we're in Wilmington because I said so.  There, happy dad?
     You'll also note the really important geographical markers which make this area so favorable to mom and dad.  "You can keep your Carolina Beach," said dad with a snort.  "Wallow away all you want at Wrightsville Beach," he said, waving his hands and rolling his eyes. For a second I thought he was having a fit of some sort.  "Those are all too crowded and touristy for me," he whined. I told him he was getting kinda bitchy. "Kure Beach, meh," he continued, shrugging like the crusty old fart we know and love. I'd about had enough, so I pretended I had to poop, and went to hide in my litter box.

     As far as mom and dad are concerned Fort Fisher Beach is the best there is, and they can't wait til it warms up just a little more so they can stake their spot over there and soak up the sun, though if you ask me, the sand in the butts and books would be a little annoying...
Disclaimer: There may be some geographical inaccuracies in this map.  So what.