Friday, April 27, 2018

Remember My "Where's the Poop" Post?

Well, this one's not quite as graphic.  Another refrigerator, another apartment formerly occupied by a person with a cat.  I think.
     This time, when dad pulled out the fridge he found a cluster of crumpled up papers.  Grocery receipts, notes, post-its, etc. made up this little collection of things that had been swatted, batted or maybe just simply placed beneath the refrigerator.
    I'm guessing that, as with the poop dad found, these balls of paper were someone's toys that found their final resting place under the fridge.
     If you look at this photo and just visualize each crumpled piece as a ball of pee or log of poop, you will have a good idea of what that other situation looked like.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

More Morning with Dad

As with most mornings here, I've learned that I have to share dad's lap with the laptop.  Most often I try to wedge myself (shut up, dad- I know you want to insert one of your stupid jokes about my size...) between the keyboard and dad's belly, but now and then I switch things up.  On this particular morning I thought I'd try out an armrest pose.  I may be on the larger side, but I still have the best balance.  Oh, and the claws to help hold me in place!

Friday, April 13, 2018

Getting Back to It

Well obviously things are back to normal.  Dad's still trying to catch up at work, going in early, staying late, procrastinating with my posts more than ever.  
     Since returning from neglecting me for a week vacation mom's turned another year older.  These balloons, which took me some getting used to, are all that's left of the celebration.  She turned (fill in the blank) years old, and dad says she's as youthful and childlike as ever.

     Though somewhat restrained mom and dad did go a little overboard during their week away as far as their nutritional needs, and now they have to get back to working hard at eating right (the weight's all on mom's shoulders, if I'm honest here).
     They enjoyed the soft serve, the nights out on the town, and road food, but now they're getting back to this kind of stuff.  One of mom's new favorites is veggie skewers with quinoa.  Dad whines about longs for good old Teriyaki and sticky white or fried rice, but he's starting to enjoy these fresh, colorful, healthy meals, and mom's happier with the lower sodium fresh-as-can-be dinners.

     I'm just happy that they're back.  I have this thing where I flop over and curl myself up, front paws tucked in, looking all cute and adorable, and they can't help but gush over me and my cuteness.


Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Well Look Who's Back

Another trip done, another week by myself.  
     "It flew by," dad said.
     "Maybe so, but didn't you miss me?" He stared blankly at me, thinking.
     "Well of course we did.  Did you miss us?"
     "Oh- you weren't here?"  I tried my best to make him think I hadn't even realized they'd left.
     "Come on, I'm sure the twins took great care of you.  You seem very content."  They did, in fact, take awesome care of me, even visiting with me outside of the planned food/water/litterbox times.
     Mom began the unpacking process while dad made another trip down to the car.  They seemed tired, deflated.
     "So mom, how was the trip?"  Mom looked at me, road-weary eyes glazed.  I had my answer.
     "Let me put it this way," dad said, dropping their backpack on the floor.  "We're glad to be home."
     Though it was wonderful to see old friends and visit family and see the ever-growing grandkids, this vacation took more out of them than their road trips usually do for some reason.  They attributed it to advanced age, and for all the grief dad gives me for being an "old gal" I'm not gonna let them live this down.
     Dad's back to the grind, mom will be catching up on all the bills, laundry, cleaning and everything else.  
     Another trip that went way too fast, another much-too-short visit with two of the cutest grandkids anyone could ever ask for.  Through sore butts, wrong turns, hunger, gas stops and pee breaks they managed to not kill each other once again.
     On a more positive note, mom got the soft serve she so looks forward to (it's probably a good thing she can't find good soft serve around here) and dad got his pure maple syrup that mom says should last at least a year (dad just winked at me).
     "The important thing, dad, is that you're back home and taking care of me, right?"  He looked at me, knowing I was right, and nodded slowly.
     "Yes, old girl, that's all that matters."