Saturday, May 27, 2023

Trying It On For Size

For some time now,  mom and dad have wanted to try a tent of some sort since I seem to have a thing for having something over me. I've shown them that under the table is my go-to place, like a security blanket. When I hear rain pounding on our roof and thunder rumbling, I usually hide in the tight space under the wall-mounted vanity in our spare bedroom. Last weekend they shopped for a kitty tent/house/dome and, though they wanted to be budget-conscious, wanted to get me something sturdy and comfortable. To make a long story short, they decided it would be best to try something out temporarily to see if I would get used to it, and since they've amassed a mountain of boxes in the basement, got what they figured was a good sized one and, well-

Don't laugh- it's temporary, just the right size, and best of all it was FREE!

Mind you, this is only temporary, but I think I've already proven that this is my new safe space, especially when I need a place to hide.

My box is actually nice and cozy, and it has more than satisfied their curiosity about how well I'll do with it, don't you think?
Dad wanted me to throw something in here- he feels bad that he didn't recognize my new toy from Ellen as an Easter egg. I told him it was okay, and that most people already know how thick-headed he can be at times. He got kinda snippy with me and told me I needed to clean my room. He can be such a dad sometimes.

Saturday, May 20, 2023

Fit for a Princess

 As much as they often annoy me with their... humanness, I have to say, my mom and dad treat me like a princess. And as if I needed any more proof of my station in this life, I just received a special gift from Miss Ellen at 15andmeowing! She made me my own princess kitty mat to cozy on and a catnip ball to play with!

Of course, what with the way today's mail delivery can be, I guess I was supposed to get this way back when I first arrived.

Miss Ellen let my dad know that she'd sent it as a welcome gift, but it got returned to her. It was addressed correctly, but no one seemed to know why it never made it to our mailbox.
 So anyway, dad laid my new mat on the floor next to a fleece he and mom had only recently put down for me, and within minutes, I took right to it. My warm furry thanks go out to Miss Ellen for always being so thoughtful, kind and generous.

Saturday, May 13, 2023

Table Cat: Pictures-to-Poetry Part I (and probably the only part)

Pretty much since the day we brought Smudge home, she's taken to hanging out under our oversized living room coffee table. Though she's not big on sitting with us (yet) and will likely never let us hold her, when we sit in our favorite living room chairs she almost always follows to lay down by our feet under her table. We'll take what we can get. So anyway:

 The sofa, the bed,

or the big comfy chair,

When sleep overcomes her it matters not where.
And when she's not sleeping,
Choices abound:
En sillhouette

or just lazing around.

But since day one and every chance she is able,
Her most favorite spot is under the table.

Hmmm, way to photo dump, daddy-O. And the poetry- well, let's just say, maybe you should stick to fixing things, lawn mowing, and pooch-sitting...

Friday, May 5, 2023

Window Cat

Except for the past few days, the weather's been delightful out here in the mountains. Although the warmth doesn't always transfer to the inside of the house thanks to the 4-lane highway-wide soffit  (the overhang blocks about 75% of the sun from our windows), I love it when mom opens up all the windows.

The air is fresh and breezy, I can watch and hear the chittering squirrels as they bound from tree limb to tree limb, the birdcall is explosive in full HD Surround and the pollen is, well, pretty much everywhere.

Put simply, I like sitting in front of the open windows. 

Now, one might think from this second photo that I'm a large girl, but it's only an illusion, I swear. Although I have put on almost two pounds since arriving here, which sucks because now mom and dad have to watch my intake.