Tuesday, January 31, 2012

More Adventures From The Deck

I think I'm really starting to like this deck thing.  The other day I was sitting in front of the closed sliders, staring off into space as I'm known to do, and I caught a glimpse of a long-haired Siamese-looking neighbor.  Mom and dad opened the sliders for me, and as I stepped outside I noticed a black and gray tabby as well.  The two of them were either playing with each other, or hunting one of the many birds that I see flitting back and forth out there in the trees and low brush.

Once I get outside I like to pace back and forth, looking for the best spot to sit and take in everything.  And no, they still haven't put anything soft out there for me.

If you look real hard in this picture you can see the little white blob off in the background.  That's the Siamese one that dad says he's seen several times since we've been here.  Sometimes I wish I was able to get out there and join them, but then I get bored and just go back inside to sleep. 

Friday, January 27, 2012

My New Favorite Spot

Here I am, basking in the rays out on my new screened-in deck/porch/whatever-the-hell-you-call-it.  Mom and dad think it's funny how sometimes I sit on the carpet just inside the sliders, looking out.  I heard them talking last night about putting something soft out here for me to lay on.  Isn't it amazing how we can have them so wrapped around our little paws?

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

It's Good To Be Back

     Soooo, where to begin?  Well, to make a very long (boring) story short (readable), mom and dad got away from that... place (dump). After searching high and low through job listings from near and far, and being tempted by the remote chance of possibly returning to where we came from in NC dad got a job about 25 minutes from the apartment (filthy, smelly shitpit) we were in.
     The move was quick, and the new place is nice.  There is a story that goes along with that, but I'll spare you.  Let's just say that mom had to do a BUNCH of cleaning, and the new paint job had to be re-done since the painter didn't feel the need to cut in the walls (he'd used a different color, so even I noticed it!)
     The important thing is that we're somewhat settled, and the tension in the air has thinned enormously.  One very cool feature here is the sliders that open onto a small screened-in deck.  It's been pretty warm, and mom leaves the sliders open so I can come and go as I damn well please (the way it should be).  It's pretty quiet around here, with the exception of what sounds like three or four dogs that bark incessantly (sometimes I impress myself with big words), usually starting around 4:30 a.m.  They're yapping as I write, and I wish I had the ability to sneak into the trailer park estate that borders the back of this place and... oh, forget it.
     The aforementioned (gold star for me!) sliders have a set of vertical blinds that hang across them, and when the glass is closed and the blinds are pulled shut there is a four or five inch space between them where I like to sneak and peer out into the darkness.  So far we've seen at least two other cats out the back, and some bright, beautiful, tasty-looking cardinals in the bushes that border the yard.
     Once again, I can't tell you all how much I appreciate everything you wrote in my comments.  It is good to be back, and I'll slowly get back into checking out all of your blogs in the coming days.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Big, Big Thank You...

... to all my friends who offered words of encouragement, positive thoughts, and even fundraising offers.  I thank you all from the bottom of my wrinkly old heart, and I'm soooo touched by your kindness and heartfelt wishes.  Okay, enough of that mushy shit for now.  I'll be back in the morning to entertain you with my quirky prose and slick wit.  Goodnight all, and it's good to be back.

     Dad here- he thought he clicked "Publish", but didn't.  Must be out of practice.  Anyway, despite the "mushy shit" part, he does appreciate all your comments, and he looks forward to getting back into his groove.  I'll make sure he's up early enough to come up with something new.   




Saturday, January 7, 2012

What The Hell Have You Done?!

     Oh, what did you do?  Dad, you really got us into a good one this time.  New home, new job, new surroundings- all I can say is, nothing is as it seems.  You couldn't sit still, could you?  Haven't you ever heard of the saying "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is"?  Is the grass really greener on the other side?  I think not.  Lesson learned.  The job came with a "free" apartment.  Needs to be painted- no problem.  May need some fixes. No problem.  What they didn't say was that the carpet should be condemned.  Mom and dad are afraid to walk barefoot on it.  The big, dark stains of unknown origin in this- what's supposed to be a "market ready" unit concern them.  "It's been shampooed three times" they said. 
     Dad's new employer doesn't use commercial carpet cleaners.  The "housekeeper" is a resident with a shampoo machine available at WalMart.  They don't use HVAC, plumbing, or electrical vendors, most likely, dad's learning, because they don't pay their bills.  So far that's the case with pest control and HVAC vendors, at least.
    Dad's "boss" stated that her motto is "Just get it done".  Now that we've been here almost two weeks dad says it should be more accurately "Just get it done with no money and basically no supplies".  Don't buy parts, equipment or supplies, just steal things from unoccupied units, then if someone moves in, if we absolutely have to, buy it.  People here are afraid to call and ask for anything.  No one speaks English.  Dad's first three emergency calls went unaddressed because he didn't understand their language nor they his.  Nothing in the job listing dad answered said anything about a bilingual requirement.  Dad's told the problems that arise are his responsibility, not the manager's.  He's supposed to know everything.  He's supposed to be doing the work of licensed contractors and technicians.  Dad, you got us into a good one.  I still love you, but the stress and tension in the air in our new "home" are so thick it's hard to move and breathe, let alone purr.  Thank God I can find my way to the library so I can escape and write a new post.  We won't be getting the internet here- hell, we won't even be staying here.  At least I can play games, hide and seek, and tag with the cockroaches that come out after mom and dad go to bed.