Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Lazy Dayz of Summer

We're taking a little blog break here, but I wanted to post some pix of our days of late what with stay-at-home stuff and all.  So y'all know, the old guy is wearing a bathing suit. I just don't like bare-legged laps and the towel makes for a nice soft bed.
Most weekend days we spend time out on the deck in the sun, but one recent cloudy & windy weekend mom and dad took a ride over to the Brunswick Riverwalk in Belville just across the river from Wilmington, for a lazy afternoon stroll.
  The wind was pretty strong and the marsh grass was whipping, but dad says he's disappointed that the photos don't really show it. 
This past weekend they got out for more local exploring, and hit the trails at Carolina Beach State Park,
enjoying the views overlooking the Cape Fear River and relishing the peace and quiet. 
Mom did some digging online and discovered Smith Creek Park, a small, quiet spot only about 20 minutes from us.
Mom Photobomb
They finished their day with an easy one mile walk on the trail that winds around the lake and soaking up the last of the abundant sunshine.  So I hope you enjoy these, and we'll be back in a week or two.    

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Easy Like Any Day

If this doesn't say Easy for this peaceful, quiet early Sunday morning I don't know what does.

Dad wanted to mess with the focus, but I told him the fuzziness added to the warmth of my kinda-sorta Sunday snoozy selfie.  Am I adorable or what?

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Two Sleepyheads

Dad has a habit of falling asleep easily and often early, especially because he's up at stupid o'clock most days and never goes to bed early enough. Plus he's getting kind of old. Now and then mom tries to sneak photos of us him nodding off, and took these one day recently.

Sleepyheads 1- Getting Cozy

Sleepyheads 2- Eyelids Getting Heavy
Sleepyheads 3- Down for the Count
Sleepyheads 4- Artified

Sunday, May 10, 2020

Mom's Day

Mom's first of the day caffeine boost and not quite awake yet old girl
Who's got the best mom ever? 
Helping mom decide what to watch next
I do! 
The Queen, the Princess and An Icy Cold Edward Teach German Lager
Thank you, mom, for taking such good care of me and humoring me and combing me and scolding me when I hiss at dad (I know better than to hiss at you!) and not making fun of me like dad does and petting me lovingly and taking care of my nutritional needs and stinky bug medicine on my back and letting me be a crotchety bitch sometime and especially giving me the best lap ever in the whole wide world. 
Dad's Sleepy Girls
❤Happy Mother's Day, mom.  I love you! ❤ 

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there.  We hope you enjoy your special day!

Friday, May 8, 2020

And Then Some More Fifi

Now and then I'll graciously allow space for dad's oldest daughter's kitty, Fifi to showcase her beauty, and this is the latest round of that dear little girl's photos. 
Mom and dad had planned on road tripping up to New England to visit family and friends mid-April and would've been able to visit Fifi in person, but what with all that's currently going on they had to scrap those plans indefinitely.  Dad's favorite is the last one.  Isn't she just the cutest?  Okay, that's enough. Now back to me...

Monday, May 4, 2020

And Still More Critters

Though not quite in our back yard these were spotted a few miles from home when mom and dad went for one of their walks.  As you no doubt already know from previous posts they love Greenfield Lake Park here in Wilmington, and the 4 plus mile trail that winds around the lake made for a nice sunny, breezy outing the other day.  It's not a state park so it's still open, and maintaining social distance is easy as the trail is wide, paved and pretty open.
The last time we showed photos of gators in this lake they were taken from a canoe.  This time mom and dad were standing atop a footbridge on the path that spans a narrow portion of the lake.  They stopped to watch the turtles, and got a bonus view of a "baby" alligator swimming amongst the turtles. 
There were several other walkers scattered across the bridge, and mom and dad said they'd swear once this 4 foot long gator passed under the bridge he stopped swimming and turned sideways for a few seconds as if intentionally posing for photographs.  I'm pretty sure the troll under the bridge is a blue heron.  This bridge runs by the lower part of the lake and he must've been hunting for his lunch.
  Mom and dad usually see one of these fishing near a small tumbling waterfall right in front of where this picture was taken, but on this particular day the shade must have brought more lunch options.  It's just surprising that he wasn't phased by the traffic roaring right overhead.

Friday, May 1, 2020

Museum Quality (subject, maybe)

Dad calls this piece "Big Girl in Vertical Blind Shadow Jail".  I know, I know, mad photography skills, right?  Once again, don't quit your day job, big guy.