Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Post-Christmas Post Post- Gonna Be a Longish One

Post, post post. . .

Sorry, had to make a bit of fun of dad.  So Christmas Day here was a veritably joyous loungepalooza, stretching leisurely from the jaw-dropping glory of a brilliant western North Carolina sunrise-

Apologies for the Screen
- actually, let me back up a minute.  Dad took this next one Christmas Eve Day as he was zooming up the drive on the UTV, which didn't seem to bother them much as they just went back to grazing before loping off towards one of dad's trails.
Can you see all four of 'em?
So back to the stretching leisurely thing:  Dad woke stupidly early as usual and on shuffling to his lifeblood machine to hit the brew button found my gift to him.  He relishes the addition of a little shot of "flavor" on special occasions, and me and mom knew this would do the trick on this special morning.

The gift-giving stretched on through the day, peppered with texts, calls and zooms with kids and grands, keeping the fireplace aglow, even though today was supposed to hit almost 70, and the occasional nibble of chocolate and a light breakfast. 

Mom laid out all the loot when all was said and done, and the overall themes became apparent; hers seemed to be a good deal about cosmetics, candles and clothes, food & beverages (mostly, anyway) for dad, and toys & treats for Yours Truly (and I'll grudgingly throw in a mention of the seed wreath there on the right end for our feathered friends from dad's work).  My Advent calendar is but a ghost of its former self,
and this is a mug I got for mom.  Since I can't read (I know, I know- but I can write blog posts?) I trusted dad's assertion that it says "To the BEST Cat Mom in the World".  Dad found this compliments of Melissa & Mudpie's 2021 Holiday Gift Guide for Tortie Lovers.
And then there's this stuff that mom got dad.  I don't know, I guess it's some kind of cologne or something.  Any guesses?

Dad says he can't even begin to pick a favorite, but these are right up there.  He's never been much of one for wearing any kind of "jewelry" except for the Libra pendant mom gave him eons ago, but he's always wanted a more natural wrist thingy, and he fell in love with this guitar pick-holder necklace mom gave him. 

She put a special 3D pick in it that she gave him some years ago, and he says now he officially feels like the rock star he'd always dreamed of being.  
As I said, dad cannot pick one favorite, but most certainly at the top is a binder mom says is a work-in-progress that she put together for him with all of the artwork and lots of photos of his grandkids from over the years.  This would be up there, too,

but the binder must've beat it because it made dad cry in front of me and mom.  If you remember, mom's sis up in NH had previously given dad a jug o' pure maple syrup since he's an addict, and when he opened this t-shirt from said sis he said he couldn't've said it better himself. 
They wanted to do something a little different for Christmas dinner this year, so they'd decided on an easy, minimal prep all-in-one oven-roasted corned beef & cabbage feast, and they weren't disappointed, except for the fact that they thought there'd be more leftovers than there ended up being. 

I'll apologize on dad's behalf for the poor focus here.  If I'm not mistaken, I believe he snapped this after a few rounds of the Saint Brendan's.  And finally, what's a holiday without beer?  Dad loves trying new ones, and mom didn't disappoint with this marvelous selection.
That's the grandkids' binder there on the left

Now, you know how much I hate being left out of posts, so I'll end this one with me and dad working on our post-Christmas post post post thing, 

and our dorky group selfie.  They gave up after several attempts to get me to look at the camera which I fought because, well, cat . . .
He Who Has More Hair on the Bottom of His Head than the Top, Princess Pajama pants and She Who Refuses to Look at the Camera
Oh, and yes, that's that darn little Norfolk Pine, still kickin'!

Thursday, December 23, 2021

Christmas Break

First off, dad wants me to explain something after reading so many comments on the first "Routines" post- mom & dad sleep with the door open 99.999% of the time unless I'm being a complete booger. You see, dad's the morning person here, so when he and I get up in the middle of the night real early he usually closes the door so we don't wake mom.  As for the bathroom door, well, I suppose it depends on who's actually in there and what, exactly, they're doing (don't think you need details here).  Life here is pretty open-door overall is all I'll say.  Didn't Ann and June do a splendiferous job with my special Christmas photo?  It melted mom's heart so, and dad felt it was purrfeclty fitting for my special holiday header.  Thank you, Ann, for your creativity and kindness. 

 So mom and dad are both feeling better, even though dad's cough is a little more persistent than they'd care to deal with. 

One of Those Kitty Puzzles dad Picked Up from Freecycle

As you can see, they're getting back into some kind of routine themselves, and unfortunately for me they do the puzzles up on a table now, damn them. 
Just the Box Cover- They're not finished yet

Our Christmas, much like every other holiday, will be just the 3 of us all nice and cozy here in our home.  Low key, nice and quiet, no traveling, good food (and beverages, of course)- in other words, just the way we like it.  We hope all y'all's Christmas festivities, however you spend them, are joyous, safe and as relaxing as they can be.  Not sure about the effectiveness of wishing anyone safe travels, but if you are traveling to visit loved ones, please be careful, and mindful of what's what, okay? 

 Merry Christmas from our home to yours!

Friday, December 17, 2021

Routines part I

 We've all got 'em, right?  Creatures of habit, blah blah blah...  Anyhoo, before I get going dad wants me to pass on big thanks for all your well wishes and kind words for him and mom.  They're both doing much, much better except for these dang coughs that just don't wanna let go.  Now as I was saying, y'all know we're creatures of habit, and I'll bet every one of you has your own routine, right down to feeding times, sleep habits and other regular every day stuff.  Dad even keeps track of my, well, health, I guess, by what's in my litter box each day.  This is part 1 of just one small piece of a "typical" day here in our household.  I'm sure some of you can relate.


Even in the Bathroom it's like "hey, whatcha doin'?
So when I finally open the bedroom door for the old girl, she gets what she was after the whole time.  

Sunday, December 12, 2021

No Catchy Title

Mom's still coughing.

Now dad's sick.

Says if he sleeps anymore he'll go crazy.

Shuffled out of the sick room (the spare bedroom they've been using when each is sick so they don't wake the other) at 2:17 this morning and tried to be creative.  I told him to just put some of my most Awwww-inducing pictures up and go back to bed. 

All I can say is I'm glad cats can't catch this crap from humans.  Hopefully we'll be in tip top shape for our next post. Now go back to bed, old man.

Wednesday, December 8, 2021

What Do You Mean It Goes Nowhere?

 Mom and dad's hiking has slowed a bit with the colder weather and for other reasons, but they recently took an hour and a half drive west to do some easy hiking in Bryson City and the gateway to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. 

They'd read about a curious landmark known as the Road to Nowhere Tunnel and had to check it out for themselves. 

I won't get into the story here as there is a plethora of information about its history, photos galore and whatnot otherall online.  Dad says Google it.  I say he's a lazy ass and in a mood. 
Mom On Her Way Into the Tunnel

After meandering through the damp, chilly graffiti-covered tunnel, they took an easy walk on one of the shorter trails just to be out in the fresh air. 
Mom Atop the Tunnel

Oh, and yes, the road on the other end of the tunnel does, indeed go nowhere.  It just ends, just like that.  Parts of the story of the tunnel reminded dad of the history of Quabbin Reservoir up in Massachusetts in that people, homes & businesses were displaced in the name of "progress".  We'll just leave it at that. 

Yep, More Mom

View of the Tuckasegee River on the Way to the Tunnel

Friday, December 3, 2021

The Countdown Begins

 Yep, they make 'em for us kitties, too!  Mom picked this one up at Trader Joe's, and the yummy tidbits hiding behind each door so far are a true treat for this here ladycat.   So far it's been only dad helping me open the first two doors as part of our morning routine. Purrs please for mom- we've been keeping an eye on her as she's fighting a nasty sleep-inhibiting cough and tries to grab some snoozies every chance she gets.