Saturday, August 18, 2012

Orbit's In No Mood To Post

Well, it's been an adjustment period.  Orbit's not really himself since the kitten's arrival, though now and then we do see a spark of his old self. 
     During the night he came up onto the bed and cuddled with us the way he always did, and we even got a headbutt or two in the face.  I know the old orbit is still in there, he's just letting us know he's not very happy with this new temporary situation. 
     He's hissed at the kitten a few times, and whenever he hears him crying he stares with large, suspicious eyes, in the direction of the new sounds.  Our current living arrangement doesn't really allow for this to go from the "F" word to the "A" word, and I'm hoping we'll be able to find a decent home for the poor little guy once he gets a little bigger.  
     I'm sure orbit will bounce back, but I'm hoping this doesn't cause any permanent health or emotional issues at his... advanced age. He's sitting on the floor behind me right now, where he's been spending most of his time when not hiding under the bed.  His hearty vocalizations and near-constant need to be in a lap have pretty much stopped, but I'm sure this is normal, and he'll either get used to it, or return to the way he was once kitty finds a home.


Angel Prancer Pie said...

Yep. Sounds like Orbit's not happy and we can't say that we blame him. Look what happened last time our Mommy brought a kitteh home. It stayed and it's name is Princeton. Our lives have never been the same. MOL!

Ann Boyajian said...

Wah! We wish you could find a place in your home for the little one. There are a few tried and true protocols for introducing new kittehs, but they usually require a "quarantine room" for the new one. We understand about Orbit, though - we're two elder kitties, and we wouldn't take kindly to an interloper!

Random Felines said...

even with our first litter of fosters, it took a little bit of time for everyone here to adjust. however, adjust we did and things eventually got back to normal. of course, now we just kind of take it in stride - Tommy and Spud hiss at new introoders for about 3 days and then surrender. :)

Daisy said...

Poor Orbit! I think he needs some extra treats...

ps: The little foster is adorable!

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Timmy Tomcat said...

Cleo when ya hit da certan ager ya doant jump off da highs,Or lows MOL
Buddy Budd

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