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Friday, December 5, 2014

It's Hell Getting Old

A roller coaster ride, that's what it's been latelyOne night the poor guy's nearly lifeless, like a rag doll, the next he's standing on my sleeping wife's chest, trying to step on her head for some reason.
     Most days he just sleeps as usual, but this morning, and I mean like 1:00- 1:30, I woke to find him trying and failing to climb his perch steps.  He walks towards a storm door window my wife has propped against the living room wall, adorned with this year's partially finished Christmas painting.  He sits there, looking into it like he's watching something.
     We now have to either cut down the edge of his litter box or find him a new, shallow one because he can no longer easily step into or out of this one.  He wobbles a bit more each day, like a little black furry drunken man.
     We've been up off and on since I first woke around 1:30-ish watching him wander, watching him stoop over his three dishes of food and water, stare at them, then walk away.
     Right now he's crying and staring up at his perch, and, though I have the bottom step blocked I'm ready to run over to either help him climb or stop him.  As I wrote this last paragraph I watched him trip absentmindedly over his water dish, and he's now pacing a loop around the base of his perch and his dishes, which we've moved into the living room so they're near where we slept on the futon mattress on the floor since he's not capable of pulling himself up onto the futon any more without slipping off.
     No longer able to groom (or, knowing him, just not giving a shit) he wears a permanent smear of slime/crust on his chin, down his chest and over the front of his paws.  Sure, we try to help keep him cleaned up, but...  No new pictures these days- I'll spare him that.
     Call the Vet?  Pay another hefty sum just to walk through the door, get a consult, and more meds/treatments/therapies that seem less and less effective lately?  Risk a scolding for giving up on this "special" diet stuff he just won't eat and feeding him anything he'll eat at this point? 
     Can we rely on them to just be honest with us about what we really need to start thinking about?  We're up to three times a week on his fluid therapy now, and the last few doses of appetite stimulant have had progressively less effect.
     His weight's been bouncing between 4.8 lbs and 5.4 or so, and last night he was right at five.  We just want the poor guy to be comfortable, but so far it seems we're not doing so hot.
     He just climbed up onto my lap, and he hates to have to fight the laptop for space, so I'll sign off with his trademark "Bye".


Random Felines said...

we wish we had some eternal words of wisdom....but all we can do is send purrs and let you know that we have all been there

Brian said...

Purrs, hugs and lots of love from all of us. We do understand.

Catio Tales said...

Look deep into his eyes - is he telling you it's his time ? Give him the dignity of doing the right thing, if that's what he'd telling you. I know this is literally heart breaking and remind me so much of what happened with my beloved Monty. It was like he didn't want to let go and leave, but in the end it was a relief. I really feel for you, and Orbit.
Karin (Äiti)

da tabbies o trout towne said...

dood....tell yur mom and dad ta go with their gut; sad lee itz come two de point wear they gotta go with first instinct...it sucks, it total lee sucks.. what ewe and they hafta go thru...N sad lee... we haz all been ther...& we noe what yur goin thru... N can onlee say, we bee heer for ewe, even if its onlee in "werds"...if ya wanna eat buddy, N ya dont like de AD ore critical care...N ya'd rather eat a hole damn ham....go for it ....we love ya dood ♥

Ivan and Izzy from WMD said...

Orbit Dad, I think Orbit wants what we all want at the end of our time here, a safe and warm place to be and with those who love and care for us. I'm pretty sure he has that.

It's a terrible time, and a helpless time, too. We are all thinking of you, and for those of us who've had the same experience, we are sad beyond words.

William's mom.


Deep deep purrs Orbit.

Summer said...

I'm sorry that Orbit is doing so poorly. I'm sending lots of purrs to him, and to you.

Eastside Cats said...

As everyone has said above, we all feel for Orbit and his humans. William's momma ssid it best. I am hoping and praying for you all.

The Island Cats said...

We know it's not easy. We send purrs to Orbit and to you.

Katnip Lounge said...

Oh, I feel for you and your wife...it is so hard to watch you beloved guy fail. All I can say is that with one kitty I waited *too* long and now I regret having her suffer. Not that Orbit IS, but compare the good days to the bad. That should help you decide. You're in my thoughts.



Cleo's Dad said...

Thank you all so very much. It's comforting to know that orbit has so many friends out there.

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