Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Warning- Longer Than Usual Post

 So it's been busy around here lately.  My teeth are still bothering me and I haven't been eating right.  I've been to the Vet a couple of times in the past few weeks, with mixed results, and my mouth's still pretty sore.
     Ultimately, I'll have to get put under and have my teeth thoroughly checked and possibly even have to have some pulled.  
     None of us are too crazy about that.  I've had a small heart murmur for a long time and I ain't no spring chicken, so we're concerned about me going under.
     Dad took a week off from work and he and mom did a bunch of day trips and stuff.  Mom had the brilliant notion in her head of walking from Fort Fisher Beach nearby to Bald Head Island, about nine or ten miles down the shore.
     I know, I know, you're thinking how can you walk to an island? 
     Apparently a small inlet that originally separated the island from the mainland had gotten filled in during Hurricane Floyd in September 1999, which allowed access to Bald Head Island by foot.
     Well, let's just say that by the time they got back home late that day they were a sorry sight.  They left early enough to catch the sunrise and walked the nine or so miles to the island.  They then walked the two to three miles across the island to climb Old Baldy, the decommissioned lighthouse on the western side.  
     After taking in the sights, climbing the lighthouse, and a shitty lunch at an "upscale"  (pretentious) restaurant they headed back to the eastern edge of the island.   They trudged through the sand and gazed out at the water for a moment, looked right down the shore, looked left in the direction they needed to walk, then promptly sat in the sand.
     The thought of the nine to ten mile walk back up the shore didn't excite them too much, but they knew there was no other way back to the car at Fort Fisher Beach.
     Dad's feet felt like they were being cramped in his shoes, so he took them off (the shoes, not his feet) and mom soon followed suit, and they ended up walking the entire way barefoot.   I won't go into the pissing and moaning that went on once they got home, or the slapping themselves in the head for such a brilliant idea (MOM).  
     Let's just say that it took a couple of days for their legs to return to normal, and they took those couple of days to NOT walk or hike anywhere. 

Just starting out

How 'bout them colors?

The way there

Old Baldy

The view from atop Old Baldy

And the only way back...



Eastside Cats said...

Orbit! Sending you lots of purrs to help you feel better soon. And, sorry to say, I would have done the same thing your peeps did...walking all that way, even without shoes! Gotta push the edge of the envelope whenever we can.

Eastside Cats said...

Sorry for the 2nd comment, but I just found a very interesting post on Catster.com that your peeps may want to read, Orbit!

Don't let the title fool you...it's about the worry most people have about anethesia for older cats:


da tabbies o trout towne said...

dood...noe burd BS two day...

if yur mom & dad haz knot all reddy asked or if de vet haz knot all reddy done; ther'z a blood procedure that can be done PRE ANESTHESIA ta make sure knot only yur heart but yur kindneyz & liver can withstand goin under....

sorree we dont know the medical term...

N yur peepulz took sum grate pictures...may bee that will help them with ther feetz !!! we bee gel us ewe live that close to due that stuff !!


Ivan from WMD said...

I vote for the old string-and-doorknob approach, Orbit. Plus, even if that doesn't work as intended, you can play with the string.

Tell your dad and mom those are beautiful pictures. And really? My mom says it's harder to walk on sand than on other surfaces, so you should give them a break. ;-)

Sparkle said...

Those are really pretty photos! Not so sure it was worth ALL that walking though! I'm sending lots of purrs your way, Orbit - you are right, being put under to have your teeth worked on is no fun at any age, but especially for senior-senior kitties!

Mickey's Musings said...

Humans are good for saying " It seemed like a good idea at the time" heehee
We are glad they survived the ordeal!
We send you BIG purrs Orbit. It is not fun having sore teeth.
Purrs Georgia and Julie,
Treasure, JJ
and Angels Tiger and Tillie

Tama-Chan, Benny, Vidock, Violette, Ollie, Heloise, Momo, Ryu said...

Hi! Thanks for coming to visit us! It's nice to meet you.

That looks like a serious "beach trudge" your humans engaged in! People do get funny ideas at times don't they?

Here's hoping the tooth issue gets fixed with minimal pain at your end.

The Chans

Fur Everywhere said...

Those pictures are really beautiful. That's a whole lot of walking they did; we bet they were glad to get home after that!

Kea said...

Tons of purrs to you, Orbit, for the best possible outcome re: your teeth. We've had 8 and 9 removed, respectively, but we were both 3 at the time, still young.

As for walking 9 - 10 miles times two....Aaackkk! Our human's got so many middle aged aches and pains that even 9 or 10 kilometers would do her in, never mind the kind of walk/hike your humans did. So we're all super-impressed they didn't need traction afterward!

Nicki & Derry at Fuzzy Tales