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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is tomorrow.  I know that because I heard mom and dad talking about itThat, and Ellen talked about it yesterday. 
     Dad's been on vacation this week, and he and mom sat and watched Ellen, apparently a guilty pleasure for dadAnyway, they were watching Ellen and she mentioned being thankful for stuff, so I guess I should think more about what I'm thankful for and less about what others should be thankful for, such as taking care of me, feeding me, cleaning my poop, and seeing to it that I'm as comfortable as I can be at my advanced age.
     I suppose I'm most thankful for the two laps here that provide me with a warm, soft place to rest.  I'm also thankful for the love of these two humans who have nothing better to do than be entertained by the fight in this old furry body when it comes to who's going to sit in which chair.
     I'm also thankful for my gorgeous, glossy coat, which graces, in parts and pieces, every square inch of our home.  I'm thankful for the ability to stretch and yawn, and for the fact that I still have all my own teeth.
     I'm especially grateful that I wake up and breath every day, and have the energy and vitality, after a long night's sleep, to roam and wander until I find just the right spot to lay down and... go to sleep.  I'm thankful that they don't make me sit and watch "Downton Abbey" with them.
     I'm very thankful that I still have the ability to crunch through dry food, see clearly, poop normally, and pee freely.  I've been given the chance to live out a long, spoiled, way-too-catered-to life (dad made me put that one in here), for which I will be eternally grateful.  
Okay, master.  There, I said it all. That enough?  Mom's right- sometimes you ARE an ass.  I hope you're happy.  Go ahead, hit "Publish".  Now leave me the hell alone!    



Angel Prancer Pie said...

We were very moved by your Thanksgiving post, Orbit. We moved from the sunpuddle to the cat tree! MOL! Happy Thanksgiving!

Ivan from WMD said...

A catastic Thanksgiving-y post, Orbit. I hope you and your folks have a fun day tomorrow. (And if they wind up on the beach, make them take you along. No reason you can't enjoy all that sand.)

RoySr said...

The best of the Holiday to you my little friend. You have a way with the words, you do! Enjoy the laps and all the other stuff and things that make living the advanced years well worth the trip.

We are thankful for everything we have, and all the new goodies we get each and every time we wake up.

Eat well tomorrow. I know we will.

Buddy Bear, MikiCato, Ms Smokey, Rowdy, Tegar, and the Small One, oh, and of course ME, the Large One. Happy days!

And thanks for the welcome back visit this morning.

Y'all come when you can.

da tabbies o trout towne said...

a most happee burd free day two ewe orbit; heerez ta pizza pies, ham samiches, trout N friez coz two morrow iz de werst menu day like ever in de histree oh menu days....

turkeeee stoooooooopid turkee burd eatin day

oh, and a grate post two:)

peace out N rock on

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

that was a wonderful list to be thankful for! We would be thankful if you would visit either one of our blogs :)

Michelle said...

Great post LOL Happy Thanksgiving. Hope you have a great day.

Mark's Mews (Ayla, Marley, Laz, and Lori) said...

Those are impawtant things to be thankful for! Happy Thanksgiving Day to you!