Monday, July 23, 2012

Another Boring Trip and Leaving Orbit Alone

So mom and dad made another one of their spur of the moment decisions this past Friday night and disappeared on me early Saturday morning.  They had always wanted to go out to Asheville, and mom kind of suggested they just get up early and go.  They trekked along portions of the Blue Ridge Parkway, something mom said she's always wanted to see.  The views on bright, sunny days must be fantastic, but the weather wasn't so hot when they got out there, and they got some of the most amazing photos from up on the mountains.

     They said the clouds were dark and fast-moving, and they thought they'd entered another world by the time they got to the highest point on the Parkway.  Their trip also included a stop at Chimney Rock State Park, with all kinds of cool hiking trails and way too many steps for your average out-of-shape human being (or at least mom and dad).  I'd put pictures of that place here too, but in his packing haste the Talented Mr. Absentmindedness forgot to grab his phone charger (mom actually did the bulk of the packing, so it wasn't like he had much to do).  His phone has been having battery issues lately and started to die rapidly.  Not wanting to buy a charger he decided to keep the thing off and use it for emergencies only (after he took these, of course, knocking the battery down a few extra notches).  Check out Chimney Rock's website for some amazing photos and to see what Captain

 Oh-my-god-I'm-such-an-idiot couldn't show you here.  Way to go, bright one!  
     They spent Saturday night in a motel that had something called a two-person jetted tub, which was right in the room about six feet from the king-sized bed, and could've actually held three people.  They're not really into that kind of stuff, so they enjoyed the room to stretch out, and the bubbles (from the jets, of course...).  The hiking and the six hour drive back took their toll on these two weary travelers, and once they got back home they could barely stay awake long enough to give me some attention, refill my food and water, pick up one surprise pile of gack, and crawl into bed.


Ivan from WMD said...

Orbit, I am always amazed when humans take trips and leave us behind. I bet you could have had some fun times in those pretty mountains! And there was certainly room for you in that giant bed!

Old Kitty said...

Lovely Orbit!! We hope you got tons and tons of comforting and extra treats after being abandoned so!! Oh but look where your mum and dad went!! Oh wow!! What a beautiful place - stunning!!!Take care

~E said...

Your parents take lovely pictures. Makes me wanna go there.

Michelle said...

They did you a favor. A whole day to your self.No one to yell when you use your claws to stretch out. Or shove you out of the chair. I can tell you long car rides are no fun. At least not with my Dad. He yells at cars. He's worse then Dogs barking out the window.

Take Care Dusty

Anonymous said...

Aww poor Orbit!!

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