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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Talk talk talk talk talk

Good thing Dad set his alarm for 4:30 instead of 5:00 this morning!  I felt the need to jump up on their bed at 4:30 on the nose and make my presence known.  Dad tried shushing me, which, of course, never works, and Mom followed my every command (even though she was mostly asleep); she turned automatically at the sound of my voice so that I could climb right up and settle into the "V" in the comforter between her legs.  Ahh, to have so much control of these two!!
     Dad's poison oak is pretty much gone, and he's sleeping better and not itching.  Good thing... for all of us!  Yesterday Dad had a tuna sandwich for lunch, and after they finished eating he placed his plate in front of my nose, which drew me to it like a magnet, and lead me into the kitchen.  He placed the plate on the floor and I got to enjoy a miniscule dab of tuna salad.  They stood right nearby, though, and their foot motions and loud talking irritated me to no end, so I gave up and walked away, leaving remnants of tuna to warm and spoil.  Now if they'd only do that with the chicken they seem to eat often...

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Daisy said...

That was a little bit rude of them to ruin your enjoyment of the tuna!