Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Scary Room

Wow, I pissed Dad off this morning!  I jumped up on the bed, making note of the large, glowing digital "3:46" on the alarm clock over Dad's head on the headboard.  I felt the need for conversation, but I don't think Dad and I were on the same page.  He shushed me once or twice, (like I listen) then rose up, grabbing me under the belly, and sort of tossed me off the side of the bed!  He can be such an A*@hole sometimes!

     Sorry- got sidetracked.  As the title suggests, there's a room in our home that I usually stay out of.  It's kind of scary because I had a bad experience in there a while ago.  Mom and Dad felt the need to give me a bath.  Now, don't get me wrong- I'm the most obsessive groomer I've ever known, so don't think I stink or anything.  As you can see from the photos, I've got a beautiful, shiny coat.  Anyway, they put some hot water in the big white thing at the back of this room, then had the balls to dunk me in it!  They know most of our ilk don't take well to water (right?), and you can imagine my reaction.  In more than eighteen years I've been just fine giving myself a bath, so what the hell was this all about?! 
     Dad had long sleeves on so I wouldn't scratch him, and Mom helped to lather me up.  The rinsing part was actually kind of relaxing, though.  I guess.  Never again.  Okay, it wasn't really THAT bad, but never again.

      So this room is sort of multipurpose, you could say.  Yesterday morning Dad went in there, and just pushed the door, leaving it open a few inches.  I needed an attention fix, so I stuck my head in the room, pushing the door open slightly, and walked in to find Dad sitting on the big white glass chair (the one with the water in it).  I like to rub up against anything I can find, so I brushed my back against the corner of the cabinet that holds up the round thing that catches water, the edge of the opened door, and then the crumpled pants around Dad's ankles.  Human people have some odd habits!  And they laugh and make fun of me when I pee.  Apparently it's funny to watch as I climb into my litterbox (it's one of those covered ones with the swinging door) and turn around with my head sticking out and holding up the door.  I don't get it.  Is that really funnier than you people sitting with your clothes piled around your legs on the floor?



Just Ducky said...

Hi Orbit. Thanks for stopping by, I see you are a new kittie to the Cat Blogosphere. We will let everyone know you are here so you get more company.

Sabrina, Sam and Simon said...

Hi there Orbit! We found about your bloggy from Derby and Ducky thru the Cat Blogosphere, and wanted to stop by to say HI, and we salute you for being such a mature and wise kitty! And the "bath" thing, it doesn't happen here ... hee hee! (Except for me, Sabrina, I did get a bath ONCE, and that was enough!) Stop by to visit us if you want to!
Purrs and headbutts,
Sabrina, Sam and Simon

Fuzzy Tales said...

Orbit, we like you already! Love your writing style!

We saw a comment about your blog, from Derby and Ducky, on the Cat Blogosphere and came to say hi and to welcome you to the CB.

19! Wow! That's....old. Haha. Elder statesman. Have you been with your humans your whole life or were you rescued as a mature kitty? Just curious! We truly are delighted to meet you!

BTW, sorry your dad got into poison oak. We hope he feels better now!

-Nicki and Derry

Daisy said...

Orbit, you crack me up! I always wonder why peoples spend so much time sitting on that big white glass chair.

Samantha & Mom said...

Hi Orbit!! You make us LOL and we love you thoughts on life!! Welcome to Cat Blogging!!
Your TX furiends,

Laura and Taffeta Rose said...

Hi Orbit! Love your cat's eye view of the humans' funny habits. Welcome to the cat blogosphere.

Taffy and that woman

Teddy Westlife said...

Hi Orbit! Nice to meet you, I hope we can be friends!

Huffle Mawson, Honorary Husky and Explorer Cat

Hannah and Lucy said...

Hi Orbit - we are pleased to meet you. You made our day today and we laughed (behind raised paws so mum didn't see us) - we also wondered why they took their trousers down or pulled their skirts up over their heads! The humans do have some very strange habits.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Alasandra, The Cats and Dogs said...

Hi Orbit, Derby and Ducky told us about you. Humans are really weird. Do you know our human Mom actually loves to lay in water. Even our doggie has better sense then her.

Selina said...

Hi Orbit! Nice to meet another NC Kitty! We're following you now! We hope your dad's poison oak clears up soon! That sounds nasty!

You're welcome to follow MY blog if you like!

Selina & MomKatt Laura

The Island Cats said...

Hi ya, Orbit! It's nice to meet you! We can't wait to get to know you better. We bet an elder stateman like you can teach us younger cats a thing or two!

Wally, Ernie & Zoey

Just Ducky said...

Glad to see some of the gang is stopping by.

Marg said...

Orbit, it sure is good to meet you and welcome to the cat blogosphere. You made our Mom laugh out loud this morning. She needed a good laugh too. Love your blog and reading your very funny writing. We will be back. Take care.

Unknown said...

Nice to meet you, Orbit - Kizzie's precedessor lived to be nearly 19 years old so we know what old cats are like. Enjoyed reading and looking forward to hearing of more of your adventures.

Old Kitty said...

Hello there beautiful Orbit!! You are looking very spry and wonderful!! Me and my cat Charlie love your very wry observations of the very strange things humans do. We look forward to reading more of your witty ruminations! Take care

Athena said...

Hi Orbit, you are right, humans do some weird things! I think you are taking hafing had to haf a bath furry well.