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Monday, July 25, 2011

Oops, I Did It Again

Well, dad awoke to my voice again today.  Yup, it was about three-thirty, less than three hours ago, and apparently I felt the need to stand in their bedroom doorway and shout, for whatever reason.  Mom managed to sleep through it, but dad hopped out of bed and came toward me, an angry-though-still-asleep glare in his eye (They sleep with a dim lamp on).  His foot came at me, followed by the rest of him, and before he could actually reach me I turned stealthily and ran into the living room. 
     Not sure how this would go I stopped and just looked up at him, and, being the big softy he usually is he picked me up and put me on his left shoulder.  For whatever reason I've favored their left shoulders for quite a while.  When I let them hold me this is where I prefer to be, and dad propped me on his left side and just stood in the center of the living room, stroking my back and head and cooing as if I were a newborn.  Instantly I began purring, and together we stood there for a few minutes before dad leaned over the loveseat and "allowed" me to hop off of his shoulder.
     I heard him go pee, then head back into the bedroom, and I waited for a few minutes, considering my next move.  I made my way back into their room and hopped up on the bed, and saw that dad was actually staring right at me.  Without a word I walked up to his face and gave him a not-so-tender headbutt, right on his nose, then turned and walked to the foot of the bed, where I found a nice, comfy spot next to mom.  I turned once, twice, three times, then settled in and fell asleep.  Hopefully dad was able to go back to sleep as well, and before I knew it his alarm was going off next to his head, the big, glowing 5:00 announcing the new day.  I stayed on the bed as he made his way out into the living room for his hour of quiet reading time.  Now and then I have to let him have that, although I do love to curl up in his lap when he reads.  Tomorrow's another day.

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