Thursday, October 6, 2011


I've been loving this cooler weather these past few days!  Mom and dad are wearing more clothes, and I've been more cuddly with them than ever before.  This extreme comfort, however, comes with heavier-than-usual drooling.  I don't brush my teeth, couldn't if I tried, and mints and mouthwash don't do anything for me.  Mom and dad love it when I curl up on them, but hate what I leave behind.  Sometimes it's just a little spot, but other times I leave a slimy dab of foul-smelling gooze (I made that word up) that has them scrunching up their noses in disgust. 
     Dad said something must've crawled in my mouth and died, but he should talk.  Sometimes when he comes out of the scary room with the white chair it smells like..., oops- better not share too much since he edits these posts.  Sorry dad.  


Prancer Pie said...

We can't always smell like roses and sunshine can we? Seems like bad breath is a small price to pay fur being close to a handsum mancat such as yourself. Purrs.

Whisppy said...

What's a little drool...even if it doesn't smell like mints. MOL.

Athena said...

Nobody's purrfect!