Friday, December 6, 2019

Out and About

Even though there's nothing here about me, dad wanted to share a few photographs taken recently here in Wilmington.  Mom, dad and mom's sister wandered around downtown one late afternoon this past summer and took these shots from a riverfront restaurant at sunset. 

Is that not a glorious westward view?  Dad loves the sun's glare over the river's surface, and although those clouds look somewhat ominous they passed on by peacefully. Dad was heading to work one morning and thought the sunrise sky was worthy of a picture, so he snapped this one. 
A few days before that he came home from work and was awed with the colorful sky at sunset right overhead. 
Beach pictures have become a part of our life here, and mom and dad took these a few weekends ago after a particularly stormy week. 
These were taken at Fort Fisher Beach, and you can kind of see how rough the surf was as it hit the large rocks.  Despite the roiling surf, what's not to love about the peacefulness of this place? 

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Yep, Another Early Morning Photo Session

This one with no flash and only the glow from the solar light.  Dark, but blissful.  

Friday, November 29, 2019

Thank-full; a Before and After Post

As usual for some years now, mom and dad enjoy a hearty- but somewhat healthy- Thanksgiving dinner.  As I'm sure we've already said over the years mom has taught dad to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner without drowning everything in gravy, without his once-beloved canned cranberry sauce, and without more side dishes than one person could handle.
Sure, he still misses some of that stuff from time to time, and mom hasn't stopped worrying about his eating habits, but all in all he's learned to enjoy feeling better overall due to a better-late-than-never change in eating habits (thanks again, mom).  This year, in spite of their concerns about my health I even got a little treat, and boy did I relish that tasty burd!
Anyway, here's a little before and after display of our day.  I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and didn't get too full.  
Mom's pie (unbaked- it's whole wheat dough) and pinwheels from extra dough and extra apples for applesauce
Dad's Stuffing Getting Ready to Jump Into the Bird
Mom's Pie Almost Done
This year dad will get two pots of stock
This piece of turkey started out in her bowl...
 A little post-dinner movie and nap
This Holiday Thing Can Be Exhausting