Saturday, September 22, 2018

Getting Some Mom Love

     Mom is always making fun of me because of my need to lay atop articles of clothing, bags, papers, etc.  Yeah, the bed is comfortable enough, but her beat up sweatshirt adds a certain something I just can't describe.  Whatever the reason, it gets me some extra attention from her, and that's all that matters.

     On a side note, we made out okay after the storm, unlike so many others who weren't as fortunate.  We pretty much stayed on the northern edge of the worst of things throughout the weekend until Monday arrived, when we saw the heaviest rain of all, and even some flooding nearby.
     Dad is going to be working in Wilmington this coming week, where they need lots of extra help with post-storm cleanup.

Friday, September 14, 2018

Be Safe

Another one for the "Where's Cleo" file?
This is me practicing for the next day or so down here.  But seriously, I sure hope y'all make it through this storm if you're in its path, and this goes for humans and animals.  Mom, dad and I are sitting tight and keeping an eye on the forecast, and sending out our thoughts to those of you in the direct path of Florence.  No one wants to go through something so devastating, so lets all say our prayers.
     The wind isn't too bad right now and the rain hasn't really even started, but just as dad and I made our way to the living room to start today's post the lights flickered briefly.  A little soon, don't you think?  Not a good sign...

Sunday, September 9, 2018

The Girl in the Sun

Yeah, it's rough here.  Working hard all day,
coming home, doing the cooking and cleaning, paying the bills- you know, all the important stuff we hard-working beings must do on a daily basis.  No rest for the weary, they say. Toiling away, every day, never getting a chance to truly relax.  I'm telling you, life is not fair. I need some R 'n R.
Umm, excuse me, little Miss Southern Belle Lazypants.  You do realize where you are and what you're doing, don't you?  You know you're not fooling anyone, right?