Sunday, May 12, 2019

A Mother's Day Photo Mom-pilation and Poem, With Love

Laps are for naps, it's no secret to most;

Dad's is okay, but not for this post.

For Mother's Day I want to pay tribute to her,

the woman who brings out my best snuggling purr.

Her voice is so soothing, the style of her play,

the way that she calls me when food's on the way,

compared to my dad with his taunting and toying,

I love him and all, but he's kind of annoying.

So mom, here's to you for providing for me-o

Happy Mother's Day with love,
Your dear old girl Cleo.

Monday, May 6, 2019

And Again with the Grocery Bag

Watch the ears! Check out that toenail polish
So as with a photo in a recent post showing the old girl on our bed here's a smattering of pictures involving these darn grocery bags. 
Here, let me turn to make it easier for you
We don't know what it is about them.  Is it the crinkly sound?  The unique texture?  We're not sure, but we do know she loves to sit on them. 
Mom was combing her on this day and, as with every other grooming moment she can't help herself. 
ahhh, goosebumps.  Oh wait, cats don't get- oh forget it
Mom always takes out 2 bags- one for Cleo's fur (from which we could probably make a mini-Cleo) and one for her to sit on.
And last "butt" not least-