Saturday, September 19, 2020

Cat in a Box

Okay, so for all the times I've seen all y'all's posts about boxes and how cute you are sitting in them and how I've said boxes aren't my thing and I prefer bags and I'm not a box cat and what all else, I guess I have to say I was wrong.
Now, honestly, I'm (dad's) too lazy to pore over these past few years' posts to make sure, but I proved dad wrong this past weekend on the box thing.
He and mom recently came home with another new pair of clodhoppers for dad, and left the box sitting open on the floor in the living room.  Well wouldn't you know, I was drawn to it like flies to- anyway, you get my point. 
Once I stepped inside and circled once or twice as we do I snuggled right in all nice and comfy, and of course, out came the phones.
The box is still on the floor as I write this, and I'm in it just about every day. 
The other afternoon mom and dad were lounging and talking on their bed, and dad came out, picked me up (in the box) and brought me into their room, where I stayed with them, even doing my bathing while they sat and talked.  Lastly, thank y'all for the tip on switching back to the old Blogger.  If dad was a little smarter and had more patience he'd likely have been able to figure it out for himself instead of just bitching about it.

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

(Not So) Little Miss Sunshiney Stretchercise

 Dad says he's not too happy with the new Blogger at the moment.  He's been having a hard time with photos and some other stuff so we haven't been posting or reading much.  I say he's just getting old, and is probably the least tech-savvy person in the world.  Anyway, I just love the sun, and love to stretch out wherever I find a glorious sun puddle.  So that's it.  Here you go.  Me in the sun. 

My True Colors in All Their Glory

Thursday, September 3, 2020

People Watching

Dad's always been kind of the nosy neighbor type, and now yours truly has taken on the same habit.  Sure, we get birds, squirrels, lizards and such out back, and I'm initially drawn to them, but there's nothing better than scoping out the parking lot out front, watching for anyone coming or going.  When I hear voices or see people out walking I'm fascinated by them. Squirrels, cool.  Lizards, yeah, whatever.  Birds, nothing more than a feathered snack.  Give me noisy neighbors, kids on bikes or maintenance guys working on something nearby and you've got my full attention.