Thursday, February 20, 2020

Dinner's on Me

Every once in a while mom and dad eat their dinner in the living room so they can watch a movie or something while eating.  As you are no doubt well aware, I get first dibs on the laps around here, and often I have to fight for lap space.  In the morning it's no problem as I'm used to sharing dad with only a book or the laptop, and his coffee.  This outrage, however, I should not have to tolerate.  I love mom and all, but I WAS HERE FIRST!

I swear, the way I'm treated around here sometimes...

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Early Morning Chin Scritches

I love chin scritches (most of the time), and here I'm enjoying some, squeezed in next to dad, my right ear against his, umm, convex breadbasket, shall we say?  Now and then I get annoyed with dad's various pawing, patting and petting and, well, this happens:

Bad girl, I know.  You humans know how, when you get annoyed or reach your limit with something, you act out.  Well this is how I acted out one morning recently.  Dad is making me say that he was only patting my head and back, and the wrist of his other hand just happened to be right under my chin.  Most of the time I'll gently do the bitey thing, with my teeth just touching his skin.  He goes all "Cleo, no!", which usually makes me pull away and bow my head in shame.  Well, this time, for whatever reason, my ears heard him but my mouth didn't obey my ears.  My top fangs gouged his wrist at the top, and my bottom ones dug in a little at the bottom.  I'd apologize, but I don't feel like it.

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Blue Jean Baby

Can you see the theme?  Dad says I'm far from tiny, and he most certainly is no dancer, but these show three of his favorite things (mom being #1 of course): comfy blue jeans, pre-80's Elton John and Yours Truly.  He's been on an Elton John thing since this past weekend when he and mom watched Rocket Man, a movie he'd been looking forward to but in which he was somewhat disappointed. Dad had the first 12 or so Elton John albums, from 1969's Empty Sky to A Single Man, released the year before dad graduated from high school.  After that and up until 1992's The One dad feels things went off in a different direction.  Anyway, I'm not sure how this got off track and away from being about me, but he's the one who controls the laptop, so I'll just let him do his thing and get it out of his system.