Saturday, April 29, 2017

Perch # 2, Fit (almost) For A Queen

     As everyone knows most of us felines, especially those of us not allowed to go outside, enjoy our window views.  Since I've been here I've been trying to balance myself on their 3 to 4 inch bedroom window sill, not an easy task for a larger girl such as myself. 
     I was recently going through some of dad's old posts and found some pictures of the perch he made for Orbit.  Well, let me tell you- I was livid!
     "Dad,"  I yelled.  "WTF?"  I threw in, just for extra drama as I held him with the fiercest southern glare I could muster.  "He got that, and I have to risk my life balancing myself on this tiny little ledge?"  Boy, I was really laying into him, and by now he was quaking like baby, eyes welling up with tears and looking around frantically for mom to protect him.
     "I-I- I'm sorry, milady," he stammered.  As he bowed in subservience I knew he'd had enough.  "Rise at once, and stop with the sniveling!"
     Okay, that never happened.  

     One day recently dad came home with this.  He called it a prototype, and wanted to see if I'd be happy with it.  Well, prototype or not, it remains.
  He made it so they can close the drapes without it sticking out, and when they open the drapes it folds out so I can sit on it and enjoy the outdoors.
Before the Carpeting
     For now I climb up on some stuff that's sitting on the floor below the window, and dad said some day if needed he'd build a set of steps or a ramp.  I suppose he's kind of useful, so I guess I'll keep him around for a while.

Not Quite Wide Enough, eh?


Saturday, April 22, 2017

Dad's Back and All's Good With Mom

     Well, mom and I are doing just fine.  The ol' man has had a whirlwind week at work since returning from Minnesota where he got to hang out with two of his boys and three of his grandsons.
     He finally got to meet his newest grandson who's not yet a year old, and all the boys had a ball running around, messing up their bedrooms, playing together and generally getting away with stuff that their mom probably would love to have yelled about but grandpa was able to walk away from and fly back home.

     I've been on my best behavior so mom's talking to me again, and she and I have been sitting together more than ever before.  
      Not sure how I managed to keep my heft balanced here (dad's words, not mine) but I'm enjoying a one-on-one moment with mom.
  Oh, and by the way-  Happy Earth Day to all!  Get out there and do your part, and remember Mahatma Gandhi's words- Live simply so that others may simply live.   

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Dear Mom, I'm Sorry

I know you're still mad at me and you haven't been talking to me or playing with me for three days now but I want you to know that clawing your hand was only my way of saying "Enough!"
     I know you were only trimming my nails, brushing me and trying to help get the litter out of my fur- even I don't know why I fling the stuff around the way I do in that damn box- when you got to my tail area.  If I could talk I would've said "Okay mom, that's close enough.  If you don't stop I'm gonna get mad."
     I'm sorry I hurt you, but please know I didn't mean to.  I miss you playing with me.  I miss your lap.  I miss the thrill of watching you think you're getting me to exercise and move around by making me chase that ball-on-a-string thingy.

     Dad's leaving for Minnesota to see the kids and grand-kids tomorrow and he'll be gone for a few days, and it'll be awfully quiet and sad around here while he's gone if you don't forgive me.  I was looking forward to some girl time, you know, just me and you.  
     I'm real sorry, and I hope those marks heal quickly.  I was only trying to tell you I didn't like what you were doing. I suppose we can blame dad since he gets a little rough with me sometimes and doesn't know when to lighten up with the patting, back scratching and belly rubbing.  Can we say it's his fault and just be mad at him while he's gone?

     I miss the mom who likes me on her lap, who plays with me and talks to me, and who doesn't mind feeding me and cleaning up after me.  Can you forgive me?
     We're still getting to know each other, learn what we like and don't like and know what works and what doesn't.  But I know this- I've already been spoiled beyond belief since I've been with you guys.  I mean it.  I love you, mom, and I hope you'll forgive me soon.  



Saturday, April 8, 2017

Not About Me So I Don't Care

As threatened promised, dad wanted to include in this blog (my blog, might I remind you) some things that have nothing to do with me.
     Okay, so here's one.  Mom and dad were out exploring nearby Hillsborough, and they came upon the former Colonial Inn.  The dilapidated old building is boarded up and needs lots of work, but dad likes the creepy look of the place.  He started playing with some of the filters on his phone and created this one, which he says ups the creepy.

     He's got this harebrained idea for a story based on this photo, but I'm pretty sure it won't have anything to do with me so I don't much care to give it any more space here. 

    Well, that concludes this boring contribution to my blog.  Thanks for interfering sharing, dad. Now can we please get back to me?

Saturday, April 1, 2017

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Dad keeps trying to pick me up and carry me around.  I'm still trying to figure out whether or not I like it.  Does it look like I'm having a good time?  Add your own caption to this one...

Sunday, March 26, 2017

What, Me Comfortable?

I know I haven't been here all that long, but I think I've come to the conclusion that I've made my place here and I'm starting to really feel at home with mom and dad.
     I'm still trying to get used to being picked up and held, something Orbit apparently enjoyed, and I'm kinda getting tired of dad's a**hole remarks about it being because of my weight.
     Hey now, you know I'm just teasing you Cleo, right?
     How 'bout I tease you about your pointy nose?  Or maybe the tire around your middle you can't seem to get rid of? 
     Now you're just being mean.
     How 'bout your hairy back?  Maybe we examine those toes of yours?
     Ouch. Okay, fair enough.
     It's a game for two, mister. 
     Anyway, the original intent of this post was to show how comfortable I am now.  Here are some of my favorite positions.  What do you think?



Saturday, March 18, 2017

More About Me

Something about this closet...
     So I spent the first hour or so on my first night here wandering and checking everything out, as we're known to do.     Everything's got to be sniffed and rubbed on, and I have to check out every square inch to make sure it's all to my liking.  The bedroom closet is especially interesting.  There's an old disconnected thru-the-wall air conditioning unit that birds have gotten into over the years, and I can smell them once that closet door is opened.
     I've even tried to pull open a few cabinet doors, but have so far managed to avoid getting my picture taken.  
I especially like climbing on that box back in the corner, and they laugh at me when the top sinks in.  Not sure what they find so funny...
       One of their priorities was to get me in for a checkup.  This is me making myself at home on the counter top while waiting to get poked and prodded. 
All in all it wasn't too bad, since I've been through this a time or two over my 13 years.

  I'm getting pretty comfortable now, and although it's been a few weeks I can still find things new and fascinating.  They seem to think I'm getting used to them already, even though I'm still a little jumpy at times.  Dad had to throw in this last one, which was taken on my first night here.  Think I look relaxed?
Love the split-color "smile"
    Dad note:  Someone was especially annoying very early this morning.  She has a habit of walking across our pillows, and this morning she just had to try repeatedly to get up onto the headboard, waking mom in the process, who doesn't usually do too well with waking up as early as I do.  When we came out of the bedroom little miss princess wouldn't sit with us or chill out, and just wanted to chatter.  Non-morning-person mom went back to bed, and I'm hoping to hear snores soon.  Meanwhile, her higness's head is currently blocking my view as I try to type this...

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Oops, an Early One

Well, I've been here for almost two weeks now and I'm already very, very comfortable.  I knew this was, without a doubt, my new forever home. 

Now, that being said, Dad's not real happy with me at the moment.  Being Saturday, he likes to try to sleep in, which, for him is usually, like, 6:00 or so.  I guess I kinda woke him up a little earlier than he'd like to have been, like, oh, about 4:00.

     Yup, he woke up to me climbing across his head on his pillow.  How am I supposed to know that's wrong?  I'm still new here.  Still trying to figure things out.  Give me a break, dad!  I rewarded him by settling in alongside him, though that only lasted until he heard his damn coffee maker finish sputtering.  Yeah, he probably would've been up too early anyway since he inadvertently set the timer last night, which he never does on weekends.
     Smooth one, dad.

Monday, February 27, 2017


   Wow, talk about a tough act to follow!  I guess that old guy was quite the presence.  But now it's about me. Hi, I'm Cleo.  I'm the most beautiful, playful, gorgeous, loving Tortie these two humans could ever be blessed with.
 I've been here for about a week now, and so far I think I'm gonna like these people. According to "dad" (I guess that's his name because that's how he refers to himself) I'm a little on the heavy side.  He seems to be confused, though.  When he and "mom" came to adopt me they knew my name was Cleo, but he's called me everything from Big Girl to Two Ton Tillie to Patty McFatty. Oh, and he says I look like a big furry pear from behind when I sit.
Must be hard being perfect, huh dad?  Sucks to be outnumbered now, doesn't it?

Anyway, as dad mentioned previously he and mom were out doing some errands, and they happened to drive by Orange County Animal Services here in Chapel Hill (yeah, that's right- they moved again.  And again).  To dad's complete surprise mom suggested they stop in to look at some cats.  Well, next thing you know, here I am!
I'm 13 years old, and I weigh in at about 15 pounds.  Overall I'm healthy, despite my weight.  I've overheard them talking about having to bring me to a new vet to get checked out, but besides my, umm, heft I'm sure I'll get a good report.
Mom worked wonders with dad's weight management, and I'm sure mine will be dealt with as strictly.

When mom and dad walked by and stopped at the glass door of my room they squatted and tapped at the glass, and I walked over to the door and started talking to them.  They came in to sit with me, and before long I had a pretty good idea I'd be going home with them.  They were extra surprised to learn that someone had already paid my adoption fee.  Isn't it amazing that there are people out there like that?  I'm so grateful that mom and dad picked me.  Dad says it's obvious I've been well loved and taken care of, and for an older mature girl I can still be pretty playful.  Well, dad says we gotta stop now.  Says no one wants to read an entire book.  There'll be more to come, including more of the gazillions of pictures they've already taken of me.  See you soon!

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Test One Two...

This blog was Orbit's brainchild.  It was always about that crusty old fart, because he said so (okay, and maybe some other stuff he wasn't interested in).
For a while now I've thought about what to do with it going forward.  It's hard to believe it's been more than two years since Orbit left us.  
 I can't remember a time in my life- and I'm going waaaay  back- when I didn't have at least one cat, and this has been the longest stretch with no furry little pet master to love and adore and fill up my phone's memory cherish and laugh at that I can ever remember.
One very recent weekend Orbit's mom and I were out and about, doing some running around, and something came up that made me think about this.  For the longest time I couldn't even consider continuing it without himInitially I felt like I would be dishonoring him if I kept it going.  It was his thing, after all, but a small part of me thinks he would have wanted it to continue.  We've moved twice since he left us, and we've since let go of the remaining items of his that we couldn't part with two years ago.
He was such an incredible presence in all his cranky house panther glory, and his memory will always, always be with us.
   It'll be a little rough at first to make even the subtlest changes, but I think it's time. Without further rambling, I give you...