Saturday, July 9, 2011

You Can't Teach An Old Dog....

So here's a funny story.  Mom and dad (more mom, actually) have managed to teach me something.  Go figure.  Mom and dad are very comfortable, and, unless I'm being an antisocial snot, I love curling up on them.  When they sit and watch t.v. I'm on one of their laps.  I've learned when it's bedtime, or, more likely when I think it's bedtime, and if they're not in the bedroom I'll stand by the door and talk as loud as I can, even motioning for them to follow me. 
My favorite spot is between mom's legs.  I just love it when she lays on her back and pulls the covers up, and I sink right into the indentation as she parts her legs a little, and fall asleep.  Some nights, though, she likes to lay on her side to read or talk with dad, so on those nights I get up on the bed, stand between them, and talk.  If they're talking to each other I'll raise the volume of my voice until they stop.  Mom knows where I want to curl up, but she makes me work for it.  She says "Come on, you know what to do!", so I'll pad up to her face, pause for a second or two, then gently nudge her forehead.  They call this head-butting, and it's a small price to pay for the ensuing comfort.  After I headbutt her she'll complement me, say all kinds of cute things, then turn to lay on her back, and I climb right into the "V" in the comforter between her legs.  And that's it for the night.  Sometimes, when I'm laying there dad will lay his head on her belly, facing me, and pat me, rub my chin (which I live for!) and talk nonsense to me.
  I love these two people, even though sometimes they annoy me (as, I'm sure I do them occasionally) and there's no place in the world I'd rather be than right here in our home, where my every whim is catered to with great love.

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