Sunday, July 31, 2011

Naked Laps

What's with you humans and your odd clothing-optional habits?  Mom and dad know I live for their warm laps, and I'm a kneader, so there's nothing like a nice, soft, warm CLOTHED lap to curl up on.  So why is it that they feel the need to prance around the house in their underwear?  I know it's hot these days, but come on!  Don't they know I prefer the feel of fine (or even not-so-fine) fabric to leave my claw pin holes in?  And lets get the more important thing out of the way here:  There is nothing more disappointing that jumping up on the loveseat on my quest for a warm COVERED lap, only to find these two individuals lounging in front of the t.v. NAKED!  What's with that? 
     Now, I'm sure they'd be pissed if they knew I shared this, but for whatever reason they feel the need to sit, occasionally, with nary a shred of clothing on!  That's what I said- naked.  Not only is it disturbing to see, but it's not as comfortable for me.  Most times, when I see that I just turn and jump back off the loveseat, disappointed.  Occasionally, though, depending on how desperate I am for my comfort fix I'll overlook the fact that there's nothing separating my awesome midnight coat from that... area. 
      And don't even get me started on mom's bosom.  As is evidenced by that picture over there, I love nuzzling against mom's pillows (dad always mumbles something about me being a man after his own heart), but when they're not covered it just doesn't feel right.  And it might look a little weird.  And I think I've shared too much.  Serves them right for sleeping naked last night.  I had a lousy night's sleep because there was nowhere for me to snuggle up to.  Well, there was, but...

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The Lee County Clowder said...

Maybe you could get beans to keep a big towel around for those times. Not quite as good, perhaps, but it might be a reasonable option.