Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Little Bit About Me

I was born during a very hot summer, and the idiot who "owned" me at that time left me, along with several brothers and sisters, in a box in a parking lot where dad worked.  He arrived at work on that day and found us, and got us out of the hot sun and took over our care with the help of several of his co-workers.  Sadly, we were split up, but I think I can speak for my siblings when I say that what they did for us is appreciated.  They likely saved our lives.  I've been with dad for the better part of my nineteen or so years, the exception being a small chunk of time some years ago when he'd moved into an apartment that didn't allow pets. 
     I've seen all of dad's kids grow up, been through changes in family and surroundings, and have moved more times than I care to remember.  I used to share dad's attention with my adopted brother, Isaac, who made it to the ripe old age of sixteen, and once I figure out how to get them in here I'll post some photos of the two of us, some embarrassing, some possibly incriminating.  Let's just say we liked to "spoon" as you humans call it.  Boy, I haven't thought about Isaac in a long time.  I sure do miss him.  Isaac got real sick, and dad kept him hanging on long enough for his kids to say goodbye.  It's amazing how you humans get so attached to us four-legged, furry, loveable, better-than-you, can't- live-without creatures.
     My first years were spent indoors and out, but for the last half or so of my life I've been an indoor-only cat, which suits me just fine.  Sure, I'd like to get out now and then, but I have to say- the few times I was actually able to pull off sneaking out when no one was looking or paying attention I got out the door and down the steps, then just froze, unsure of where to go or what to do.  I got out on mom once recently, and she came out looking for me, the panic so, so obvious in her voice.  I feel bad about that.  I really do.  I still try to get close to the door whenever mom brings in groceries or reaches out to get the mail, but their stern "NO!" usually sends me cowering like a sissy.  I can't believe I wrote that! 
     I'm not sure what came over me, but I woke dad at four this morning, and he couldn't go back to sleep, so he's pretty pissed at me, I think.  I'm going to lay low for a while, and maybe, just maybe, if he's lucky, I'll give him some extra loving when he gets home from work.  Depends on my mood.


William said...

Wow, Orbit, we *could be twins! We have almost the same beginnings--the morons who supposedly "owned" my cat mom left her, my sis and me out in the hot, hot July weather of Albuquerque to fend for ourselves until my true mom and her friend catnapped us to a better life.

As an interesting bit--long, long before me, my mom also lived in NC for awhile, right outside Wilmington!

William said...

Oh, and I meant to say welcome to the community! I like your blog title, too (my mom says peeballs).