Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My relationship with my "mom" and "dad" is unique.  Although I am an old man, they still call themselves "mommy" and "daddy", and at times it's a little weird.  Dad also has his interesting assortment of other pet names for me (no pun intended), ranging from "Old Fart", "Old Man", and "Little Black Guy" to "Buddy", "Bud", and "Goofball".  I do, however, usually know that I'm in trouble when either of them calls me by my given name.  I am, like most of my kind an obsessive groomer.  What can I say- I just like to be clean.  Every now and then I have a problem keeping my food down (I hate that feeling) and I puke up, usually just after I eat, a pile of nasty, steamy barely-digested food and hair. 
I like to slink off to the corner and watch as mom or dad runs for the paper towels and carpet cleaner.  Don't get me wrong- I feel bad, but I 'm a cat, dammit.  It happens.  They've been combing me more often lately, but it still happens.  At my age I've earned the right to spew now and then without having to feel bad about it.  Well, dad needs to get on the computer now, and I'm getting sleepy, so I'll sign off and go lay down.  I have a lot to tell, so I'll be back!

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