Thursday, September 8, 2011

On Loveseats, Warm Spots, and, Well, Whatever

As much as I love sitting with mom and dad I occasionally only want their warm spot.  Whether in the bed or out in the living room, if I see a place I want to curl up in, I'm going to do everything in my power to get it.  As  happens quite often, the other night we were sitting together on the loveseat (who the hell named it that?) when mom needed to get up for something.  I was in dad's lap, purring away, and the three of us were watching tv.  Just as soon as mom got up I watched her walk away, then got up and stole her spot.  Mom's is a multipurpose butt, you could say- it provides a nice little place to rest against at night, and it preheats the loveseat cushion for my comfort and pleasure.
     Sometimes mom will be sitting in her favorite rocker, and if I notice her getting up I'll jump up into it, and when she comes back we'll fight over who gets to sit in it!  Once again, mom is usually more forgiving and flexible.  Dad got up the other night, and I saw my chance to slip into his warm spot, and when he came back I just ignored him (one of my finer traits), and he turned and bent and just started to sit on me!  Can you believe the nerve?!  There I was, this gentle, old, love-giving pleasure-providing creature, and the shadow of this giant ass is hovering over me, threatening to squash me into the cushion!
I stuck it out and refused to budge, but because he's bigger than me (and ONLY because he's bigger than me!) he won his spot back.  Usually, he'll pick me up and try to get me to stay in his lap, but by then I'm so pissed that I refuse to sit with him, so I'll jump off his lap and go sulk somewhere. 
     I do the same thing in the bedroom.  Up gets the human, over goes the kitty!  I even like to use the pillows (the real ones, in this case.  Not mom's) to rest my head against.  They find this so damn cute!  I always seem to know when it's bedtime, too.  I usually head into the room, stop in the doorway, and turn and talk, trying to get their attention.  I can't tell time, I just have this built-in thing that tells me it's time for bed.  Sometimes I'm off, but I'll say this- they get confused, too.  I'll see them head into the room so, thinking it's bedtime I'll get up from wherever I'm sleeping and head in there.  I'll jump up onto the bed, but for some weird reason they're not laying still under the covers.  My favorite place is unavailable, and they're moving around a lot and doing strange (to me, anyway) things and making weird noises.  I just can't figure these two out.


Shirley Wells said...

I love this. So funny and so true. My cat could have written that!

Daisy said...

Yes, human beans definitely do some strange things sometimes!

My Mommeh likes when I sit in her lap, because then she says to dad "can you get me a glass of wine? I can't get up, Daisy is in my lap"

Fluffy and Heather said...

MOL, what a funny post! I don't know what you can do to solve this ongoing issue. Perhaps you need your own bed with a built in heating pad? That way, you'll always have a back up plan if your first choice of sleeping place doesn't work out!