Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Curiosity did WHAT?!

Is it just me, or are cupboard doors intriguing to all of us?  I love making mom and dad think we have a ghost in here.  Dad will get up some mornings, and on his way to the coffee find a cupboard door or two hanging wide open.  It's just me, exploring, and I like pulling the closet door open, too.  It's funny- I open the same few doors around this place, sometimes day after day.  You'd think I'd get bored peeking into the same places.  Why do I do that?
     Sometimes, if mom and dad see me doing this, he'll get up and sneak over behind me and watch, and once I'm inside the closet or cupboard he'll close the door on me!  Mom usually feels sorry for me, but I think dad has a mean streak, and enjoys watching me push open the door from inside.  Sometimes I panic and come rushing out, but sometimes, if I'm embarrassed, I'll just kind of saunter out and look at them, as if it didn't bother me that he tried to lock me in there.  Apparently they find this all very entertaining. One of these days I'm gonna surprize dad by locking HIM into the closet or something.  Maybe I'll lock him outside.  Then I'll sit in the window and laugh at him.  See how he likes it!


Daisy said...

Yes, I always enjoy looking in closets and cupboards and such. I can only open bifold doors by myself; I'm still working on the cupboards

Athena said...

I nefur opened a cupboard door by myself! I should try that. Maybe the one wif the treats!